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It's Official...

Trailer Park Ninja

 I'm indescribably stoked for the World Independent Film Expo (as if I were not already biting at the bit) and am officially in the festival come May!  Very big, gracious thank you to all of those involved: Dave Fultz, Sarah, Jon, and Jake for their time, energy, and creativity.  And to the WIFE festival peeps for giving our little film company a shot...I can't wait to get to know everybody in the Kentucky indie scene and beyond.  

See everybody at the WIFE!

Trailer-Park Ninja Pics

We have some killer production stills from the shoot for "Trailer-Park Ninja", courtesy of David Fultz and his sweet sweet Nikon digital SLR camera.  I won't get into all the technical formalities of this awesome camera, but let's just say it rocks.  Check out the GALLERY for more!


Well I'm finally actually off to a good start with filmmaking.  First off, got a pretty nice mini-DV camcorder; I consider it an awesome investment as a no-budget filmmaker.  Also, on a whim, I posted a casting call for this trailer idea I'm gonna submit to the World Independent Film Expo here in Winchester in May.  My old friend Dave Fultz was the first to answer and we actually got together this weekend and shot a good amount of footage.

But for a trailer, she's nowhere near done yet.  I've still got to work out some music issues and some technical difficulties with some of my editing software (ahem, Premiere Pro).

I've unfortunately started to come down with some sort of headcold/stuffiness which is driving me insane at the moment.  But I'm getting a heck of a lot of writing done, which is comforting.  Dave scoped out my demo reel and actually loved it!

On the menu for this coming weekend: more shooting of "Trailer-Park Ninja". 

 <<04:17 03-01-09>>

Long time, no blog 

So I've not had any luck with posting that one flier in the Winchester library.  I tried.  I've actually found something far superior in  I posted a little ad for our company and have so far received a handful of responses.  I'm impressed by how active the Kentucky indie scene is nowadays.  Quite surprising, actually.

So I'm debating on whether not Route 666 would be a good film to start out with.  I'm thinking it'd be easier and lots more fun to just work on several of my short film ideas before attacking a big feature, which is what Route 666 has turned out to be.  I like the parallels between all the characters' stories though, so it should make a really cool feature.

There's so much to be working on right now.  Might as well get my butt to work.  If any actors who I've communicated with over the past couple days is reading this, I first of all want to say thank you for answering my ad so quickly and enthusiastically.  

I promise you're in good hands!            <<11:05 05-27-08>>


The Flier

So I actually made up something.  Hope it works.  








Not too bad.  I'm done for the day.

<<03:31  01-07-08>>


The Flier Plan

I'm sick and tired of being the only one working on my films.  I'm excited about doing them and all, but I really wanna be behind the camera.  For one, I can't act, especially by myself.  Acting is better between two actors, not just one guy making Sprite in his kitchen or talking on the phone to himself.  

In hindsight, that probably sounded whiny as hell.  Yep.  It did.

I'm strongly considering going through with "the flier plan".  Basically, I wanna make up a flier to fish for local people who want to be on You Tube.  Granted, these folks might already have their own thing going.  But I really think strength in numbers is the way to go.  

And besides.  It would be fun, I think.  I'll give it a try in GIMP and post the flier on here.  

So long.

<<23:36 01-06-08>> 


Blog on Thru

Perhaps the greatest thing about this whole blog thing is I can write whatever I want, whenever I want, and nobody can stop me.

[insert creepy psychopathic guffaw here]

This whole blog space is gonna be chronicling pretty much everything I do in my boring life, up to and including how long I sat on the toilet writing out scenes in the couple of screenplays I've started and yes, my complete musings on said span of time.  It'll probably include some gut-wrenching tidbits about how I was paralyzed from the waste down for spending almost 45 minutes on the crapper.

Life.  Don't you love it?

I watched a really good movie the other day called No Country for Old Men.  It's a Coen Brothers film and I highly recommend it.  Move on if you're expecting a glaring review of it (I've already written one and posted it here) and yes, it does live up to all the hype critics are giving it.

Until next time...

<<02:34 01-05-08>>