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    My name is Josh Felty.  I'm an independent filmmaker/actor/musician based out of Winchester, Kentucky.  I love telling a good story as much as I love hearing one.  I shoot on the cheap, very fast, with an emphasis on captivating characters and creative strategies for getting the job done. 

    I have been shooting and cutting several short films in the past few years.  Some haven't turned out as great as others, but that's how one learns.  I discovered You Tube a few years ago just like everybody else and immediately found it to be a wonderful distribution outlet for short films.  I'm currently writing a couple of screenplay drafts and hope to pull together some area talent to flesh out the colorful characters from my twisted imagination.  I also write, compose, and record my own music from the comfort of home. 

    I find inspiration from a slew of Hollywood's finest directors: Scorcese, Tarantino, Soderbergh, and Robert Rodriguez just to name a few.  And my taste in film ranges from the dark streets of film noir to the kinetic energy of an action thriller.  I write, shoot, cut, score and sometimes act (horribly, most often) in my own films.  I hope my own enthusiasm for film, music, and everything else under the sun shows in my work.


The Enforcer (2006)

Dartmoor's "Lullaby" (music video) (2007)

The Caretaker (2007) 

Dartmoor's "Wish You Well" (music video) (2008)

Venus (in production) (2008)

Trailer-Park Ninja (in production) (2009)