Aparna Basu


    Personal & Contact

Name                      Aparna Basu

Affiliation              Guest Faculty, South Asian University

E-mail                     aparnabasu.dr@gmail.com

Phone                     +91 11 28083401    +91 9818405134

    Education Details

1968    B.Sc. (Physics Hons.)      Miranda House, Delhi University, India

1970    M.Sc. (Physics)                 Delhi University, India (1st rank in 1969)

1973    M.S. (Physics)                    Cornell University, USA

1986    PhD (Physics)                     Physical Research Laboratory, Gujarat, India

1992    Diploma in                           Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University, India
               Planning and Policy

    Research Areas

Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Applications of Multivariate Statistical Techniques, Data Mining, Mathematical Modelling, Scientometrics, Statistical Applications in Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval techniques, Social Network Analysis, Applications to Terrorism


1970-1973        Lecturer             Miranda House
                                                               Delhi University, Delhi 10007

1986-1988        Scientist D         Space Applications Centre (ISRO)
                                                             Jodhpur Tekra, Ahmedabad

1988-1991        Fellow                  National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies
                                                              Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg (Pusa Gate) New Delhi 110012

1991-1995        Scientist C           ---------- " ----------

1995-2001        Scientist E1          ---------- " -----------

2001-2003        Software             IBM                           
Airport Road, Bangalore
2003-2004        Consultant         Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) 
                                                   Old JNU Campus, New Delhi 

2004-2008        Fellow                 G.N. Ramachandran Centre, Annexe                 
                                                               Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, 
                                                               254 Okhla Industrial Estate – Phase 3, New Delhi 110020, India

2010-2014        Emeritus             CSIR-National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS)
                                Scientist              Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Gate, New Delhi 110012, India

Research & Work Experience 

    1970-1973    Teaching Assistant                 Cornell University, USA (Physics)

    1973-1974    Lecturer                                      Miranda House, Delhi University, Delhi   (Physics Hons)

    1977-1984    Research Scholar                    Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad (Plasma Physics)

    1984-1986    Post-Doctoral Fellow                            --------------"---------------                              

    1986-1988    Scientist D                                Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad, INDIA
                                                                                    (Pattern recognition in digital satellite data for monitoring 
                                                                                     environmental change)
    1988-1991    Fellow                                        National Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS)
                           (on deputation                          New Delhi, INDIA
                             from ISRO)                                (Modelling socio-technical systems)         
    1991-2001    Scientist C /E1                        National Institute of Science Technology and Development  Studies (CSIR-NISTADS)
New Delhi, INDIA
                                                                                    (Mathematical Modelling, Forecasting and Scientometrics)
    2001-2003    Software                                  IBM
                               Engineer                                  Bangalore, INDIA
                                                                                    (Research and Training in Data Mining and Chaos Theory)

    2004-2005    Consultant                             Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)
                                                                                    New Delhi, INDIA
                                                                                    (Social Network Analysis applied to data on Terrorism)

    2005-2009    Fellow                                      G.N. Ramachandran Centre (Annexe)
                                                                                    Institute for Genomics and Integrative Biology
                                                                                   New Delhi,INDIA
                                                                                   (Training students and post-doctoral fellows in statistical
                                                                                    clustering analysis and network analysis)
    2010- 2014    Emeritus                                  CSIR-National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies  (CSIR-NISTADS)
New Delhi, INDIA
                                                                                     (Scientometric analysis of scientific output of Indian diaspora)

    2016-                 Guest Faculty                        South Asian University, Akbar Bhavan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India
                                                                                      (Teaching Information Retrieval; Research in Scientometrics)

    Funded Projects (1988-2014)

Principal Investigator
    2010-2014    Scientometric Mapping of the Indian Diaspora in Science 
                      (Funded by Extra Mural Division, CSIR)

    1990-2001    National Mapping of Science (Funded by NISSAT, DSIR)
                      Bibliometric Indicators of Indian Science (Funded by NISSAT, DSIR)

                      Market Forecasting for Audio Products (Funded by Dept. of Electronics and DSIR)

Team Member 

    1988-1992    Linkages in Research, Academia and Industry (CSIR)

                      A sociological Study of Brain Drain in India 

Professional Memberships 
  • Board Member, International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics
  • Regional Chair for India and Middle East, ISSI2009 - ISSI2009 conference, Brazil
  • Life Member, International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, (www.issi-society.info)
  • Formerly Regional Editor - Asia Region, Newsletter for the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics(2006-2008)
  • Member, COLLNET ( www.collnet.de)
  • Member, International Program Committee- Asian Region, International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, since 1993 (Berlin 1993, Chicago, 1995., Israel, 1997; Mexico, 1999; Sydney, 2001, Beijing 2003, Spain 2007)
  • Member, International Program Committee, Eighth International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators: Katholiek University, Leuven  2006
  • Member, Scientific Committee, International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Science and Technology, and Second Collnet Meeting, New Delhi, Feb 21-25, 2001
  • Member, International Program Committee, Second Berlin Workshop on Scientometrics and Informetrics/Collaboration in Science and in Technology, Free University, Berlin, Germany, Sept 1-4, 2000
  • Member, International Program Committee, Sixth International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators: Assessment and Monitoring of Scientific and Technological Developments, Leiden, The Netherlands,  May 24-27, 2000
  • Reviewed papers for Journals-Research Evaluation, Scientometrics, Information Processing and Management, PLOS One, Science and Public Policy, Frontiers Research Metrics and Analytics, SRELS
  • Member, Editorial Board, Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management, Taru Publishers, New Delhi
  • Review Editor, Frontiers Journal of Research Metrics and Analytics


    1965    National Science Talent Scholarship 
    1970    Science Exhibition Prize of Delhi University (for 1st rank in class of 1969)

    1996    Citation Day Award, Institute of Scientific Information, ISI, USA 
               For best paper,later published as ‘Science Publication Indicators for India: Questions of 
               Interpretation’, in Scientometrics, 44: 347-360

    Recent Publications and Conference Presentations (2009- ) - papers appended below
         Indian Diaspora in Science 

           1. Basu, Aparna (2013) Some differences in research publications of Indian scientists in India and the diaspora (1986–2010) 
             Scientometrics94, 1007-1019
         2. Basu Aparna, Roe P and Lewison G (2012) The Indian diaspora in cancer research: A bibliometric assessment for Canada and the USA. 
              Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators, Montreal; eds. Archambault E, Gingras Y and
              Lariviere V.  vol 1, pp 110-120.                      http://www.sticonference.org/index.php?page=proc.
           3. Basu, Aparna, Mapping the Indian diaspora in science: A preliminary exercise, Delhi
         4. Basu, Aparna (2013)  A comparison of international collaboration by Indian scientists and the diaspora: Countries and                                   Institutions, accepted or the 9th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics and 14th COLLNET                        Meeting,Tartu, Estonia, August 15-17


1.  Banshal, Sumit K., Aparna Basu, Vivek K. Singh, Pranab K. Muhuri (2018) Scientific Attention vs Public Attention: A comparison of Top Cited Papers and Top Papers by Altmetric Score,  in Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurement and Scholarly Information Management (AROSIM 2018) NTU, Singapore, January 26th 2018


        Scientometrics and Social Networks 

              1.        Banshal, S. K., Singh, V. K., Basu, A., & Muhuri, P. K. (2017). Research performance of Indian Institutes of Technology. 
                CURRENT SCIENCE, 112(5), 923-932

  2.   Aparna Basu (2017) Gene Ontology, Term Co-occurrence and Schizophrenia:  An Exploratory Analysis, 

      First International Summer Institute on Network Physiology (ISINP); Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, 

      Italy, 24 July –29 July 2017 (Poster accepted)

    3.         A Basu, SK Banshal, K Singhal, VK Singh (2016) Designing a Composite Index for research performance evaluation at the national or       regional level: ranking Central Universities in India, Scientometrics 107 (3), 1171-1193; Erratum: 108(3), 1695-1697

  4.     Basu, A., Marisha, Vivek Singh (2016) Migration of highly skilled workers from India: What is their contribution to global scientific            research? Presented in International Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development, Feb 20-21, New Delhi (To be published)

  5.     Basu, Aparna (2016) What does the Indian diaspora publish? Quantitative studies on research publications in journals, Presented in          Workshop on Quantitative Studies of Growth, Diversification and Globalization of S& T” , Jan 8, Delhi University South Campus, New          Delhi

  6.        Aparna Basu, Suman Ray, Frizo Janssens (2015) An Investigation of the Environment of Schizophrenia Genes Using Multi-dimensional       Scaling, , IV '15 Proceedings of the 2015 19th International Conference on Information Visualisation, Pages 578-579 , July 22 - 24,            2015 , IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA ©2015, ISBN: 978-1-4673-7568-9 ; doi>10.1109/iV.2015.103

  7.        Basu, Aparna , Sohom Ghosh, Partha Basuchowdhuri (2015) Scientometric Analysis of Computer Science Publications from the DBLP     Database, Accepted as Poster in Atlanta Conference in Science and Innovation Policy, Atlanta USA, !5-17 September (unpublished)

  8.        Ashraf Uddin, Aparna Basu and Vivek K. Singh (2015) Collaboration and Funding Characteristics of research papers on Swine Flu,         Accepted as Poster in GTM, Atlanta* (unpublished)

  9.        Ashraf Uddin, Aparna Basu and Vivek K. Singh (2015) Performance measurement in higher education and rankings, Accepted as           paper in Research Organizations under Scrutiny: New indicators and analytical results, 20th International Conference on Science and         Technology Indicators, Lugano, 2nd – 4th September 2015*(unpublished)     

10.         Basu, Aparna, Nobuko Miyairi (2015) Sir C.V. Raman, India’s Nobel Laureate in Physics: Citations to his Work, Presented in COLLNET       2015, New Delhi, Nov 26-28 (unpublished)

          11.       Ghosh, Sohom, Partha Basuchowdhuri, Aparna Basu, (2015) Emergence of Collaboration in 60 years of Computer Science, COLLNET                 2015, New Delhi, Nov 26-28 (Poster)(unpublished)

 12.        Basu, Aparna (2015) SCIENTOMETRICS, presented in Workshop on Accelerating Collaboration and Science through Connective            Computation, Chicago University Centre, New Delhi, 10-11 March https://indico.cern.ch/event/378261/session/1/contribution/21               (unpublished)

            13.         Basu, A, Ashraf Uddin, Vivek Singh (2015) Test of the Random Hierarchical model of Bradford's Law using word-frequency data from                 the Gutenberg project, Poster in ECONOPHYS 2015 Workshop on Econophysics and Sociophysics, JNU and Delhi University, Dec 27-30                 2015 (unpublished)

                  14.    Basu, Aparna (2014) A comparison of international collaboration by Indian scientists and the diaspora output: Country and                         Institutions, in COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management, June 2014.

              15.     Basu, Aparna (2014) The Albuquerque model and efficiency indicators in national scientific productivity with respect to manpower                and unding in science, Scientometrics, March, 2014, DOI:10.1007/s11192-014-1254-2


             16.     Basu, Aparna (2014) Social Network Analysis: A methodology for studying terrorism, in Social Networking: Mining, Visualization and                Security, Panda, M. Behuri, S., Wang, G.N. (Eds.) Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Springer, Volume 65, 2014, pp 215-242

                   17.    Basu, Aparna (2013) Some differences in research publications of Indian scientists in India and the diaspora (1986–                                    2010) Scientometrics, 94, 1007-1019

            18.     Basu, Aparna (2013) Efficiencies in National Scientific Productivity in terms of Manpower and Funding in Science, in Proceedings                  of the 14th International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) Conference, Vienna, July 15-19, 2013                                            (http://www.issi2013.org/Images/ISSI_Proceedings_Volume_II.pdf)


  19.    Basu, Aparna (2013) The Context of Scientometric Evaluation. In B. D. Kumbar et al. (Eds.). A Scientometric Approach to                Research     Assessment, Evaluation and Performance of Indian Universities, Dharwad, DLISc, Karnataka University, 28th – 29th                December 2012: (pp.   117-130)

           20.    Basu, Aparna. (2013) World University Ranking’. SRELS Journal of Information Management. Vol. 50, No. 5. October 2013. p. 679-                   690

            21.    Basu, Aparna. (2013) World University Ranking in Scientometrics: Collection of Articles Edited by I K Ravichandra Rao and A                       Neelameghan. Ess Ess Publications. New Delhi. 2013. Published for the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science.

Prior to 2012

        1. Basu, Aparna and Ronald Wagner Dobler (2012) ‘Cognitive mobility’ or migration of authors between fields used in mapping a network of 
            mathematics, Scientometrics, 91, pp 353-368 
        2Basu, Aparna (2012) The Context of Scientometric Evaluation, Keynote Address in Seminar on Scientometric Evaluation of Universities,
            Karnataka University, Dharwar, 28-29 Dec, 2012. In Dr. B. D. Kumbar et al. (Eds.). 
               A Scientometric Approach to Research Assessment, Evaluation and Performance of Indian Universities, pp 117-130.2012
        3. Basu, Aparna (2012) World University Rankings, invited talk in Seminar on Scientometric Evaluation of Universities, Karnataka 
            University, Dharwar, 28-29 Dec, 2012
        4. Basu, Aparna (2012) Basics of Scientometrics and Applications to Policy, Invited talk at Centre for Studies in science policy, 
            Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Oct. 3, 2012  
        5.  Basu, Aparna (2012) Interpretation of Metrics/Indicators and effect on policy options, National Workshop on Using Different Metrics                 for Assessing Research Productivity  Feb 16-17, Indian Statistical Institute (Powerpoint)
        6.  Basu, Aparna (2009) Mapping the network of mathematics using 'cognitive mobility' or migration of authors between fields as an index,
            12th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, ISSI 2009, 14-17 July, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Powerpoint)
        7.  Basu, Aparna (2010) Does a country’s scientific ‘productivity’ depend critically on the number of 
            country journals indexed?, Scientometrics,82, pp 507-516
Basu, Aparna (2013) Efficiencies in National Scientific Productivity in terms of Manpower and Funding in Science, 
                    in Proceedings of the 14th International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) Conference, Vienna, Austria, July 15-19, 2013

        Social Network Analysis & Terrorism 

          1. Basu, Aparna (2013) Social Network Analysis: Applications to Terrorism, invited talk in Workshop on
            Complex and Social NetworksHeritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, Jan 24-25, 2013
          2. Basu, Aparna (-)  Network of Terrorist Organizations in India: Using Multidimensional Scaling to 
            Identify Ideological, Ethnic and Regional Clusters, talk at India Research Labs, IBM, New Delhi
        3. Basu, Aparna (2009) Network Analysis  of Terrorist Organizations in India: Ideological, Ethnic and
            Regional Clusters & Key Players, panel discussion, talk at Intelligence Bureau, New Delhi

          1. Aparna BasuDefining ethical behaviour in a 'collective' scientific context, talk in Workshop on Academic
            Ethics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, July 15-16, 2011
               2. Aparna Basu, Ethics and Science, Lecture at NISTADS, New Delhi, July 26, 2011

            Publications & Conference Presentations (2002-2008)

Life Sciences 
    1. Bhupesh Taneja, Suchir, Aparna Basu and S.K.Brahmachari, PepCluster: A web-tool to annotate bacterial proteins by consensus & core invariant peptide signatures, Poster, HGM2008, Hyderabad, Oct 26-30 2008.
    2. Aparna Basu and Samir K. Brahmachari, Using clusters of short invariant peptides in PepCluster to explore protein function, Poster, HGM2008, Hyderabad, Oct 26-30 2008.
    3. Bio-Suite: A comprehensive bioinformatics software package (A Unique Industry- Academia Collaboration) as part contributor with the NIMITLI BioSuite Team, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 92, NO. 1, 10 January 2007.
    4. Biotechnology in India (unpublished) Report prepared for the Observer Research Foundation 2006.
Social Network Analysis and Terrorism 
    1. Basu Aparna (2007) Network of Terrorist Organizations in India: Using Multidimensional Scaling to identify ideological, ethnic and regional clusters, UK Social Network Conference, Queen Mary College, University of London, July 13-14, 2007.
    2. Basu Aparna (2005) Social Network Analysis of Terrorist Organizations in India, paper accepted for presentation at the North American Association for Computational, Organizational and Social Science (NAACSOS 2005), Notre Dame, June 2005. www.casos.cs.cmu.edu/events/conferences/2005/2005.../Basu.pdf
    3. Basu, Aparna and Sudhir Saxena (2004) Network Analysis of Terrorist Organizations in India: An Analysis of Terrorist Outfits in Jammu and Kashmir, in International  Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics & 5th COLLNET Meeting, Roorkee, India, March 5-8, 2004.
    4. Saxena, Sudhir, K. Santhanam, Aparna Basu (2004) Application of Social Network Analysis (SNA) to Terrorist Networks in Jammu & Kashmir, Strategic Analysis Vol.28 No.1, Jan-Mar  (pp 84-101) http://www.idsa-india.org/SA-2004.HTM.
    5. Apana Basu and P.S. Nagpaul, Scientific Collaboration among Geographical states in India: A study   of Co-authorship Networks using Blockmodels (1990-94), presented in Applications of Social Network Analysis – ASNA2008, 12-13 September 2008, University of Zurich.
Information Retrieval
    1. Basu Aparna and G. Lewison  (2005) Going beyond journal classification for evaluation of research outputs: A case study of global astronomy and astrophysics research, (Aslib Proceedings).
    2. Lewison, G and Basu, A. (2001) Evaluation of astronomy and astrophysics research output using a title-word search in place of journal classification. Paper presented at the Eighth ISSI conference, Sydney, Australia, unpublished, (Powerpoint).
Scientometrics and Science Policy
    1. Basu Aparna (2008) Mapping the Indian Diaspora in Science: A preliminary Exercise, 11th ICTPI Conference on Frontiers of Knowledge and Innovation: Blending emerging Technologies with Inclusive Development, Dec 1-3, 2008, New Delhi
    2. Basu, Aparna and Nobuko Miyairi (2008) Discover the Great Achievment of Indian science in the 20th Century, IASLIC Conference, Kolkata, 2008
    3. Basu Aparna (2008) Does a country’s scientific ‘productivity’ depend critically on the number of country journals indexed? Presented at STI2008, 10th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators, Excellence and Emergence – A new Challenge for the Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, Vienna (17th–20th Sep 2008).
    4. Basu Aparna (2006) Visualization of collaboration patterns of scientists of Indian origin publishing from abroad in Genomics and Bioinformatics, Eighth International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators: Katholiek University, Leuven (Sep 7-9, 2006).
    5. Basu Aparna (2004) Country Indicators of Excellence in Science based on ISI’s ‘highly cited researchers’, Poster, 8th International Conference on S&T Indicators, Leiden, Netherlands.
    6. Basu Aparna (2006) Using ISI’s ‘highly cited researchers’ to obtain a country level indicator of citation excellence, Scientometrics, Vol. 68 (3) pp 361-375, presented in the ISSI Conference, Stockholm, July 2005 
    7. Basu Aparna and Grant Lewison (2006) Visualization of a Scientific Community of Indian origin in the US: A case study of Bioinformatics and Genomics, in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics & Seventh COLLNET Meeting,10-12 May, LORIA-INIST, Nancy, France.
    8. Basu, Aparna (2007) Scientific productivity and citation of scientific papers... where do we stand?, Current Science, 93 (6), pp 750-751

         Mathematical Modelling

            1. Basu Aparna (2007) Connection between the Hirsch Index and the Random Hierarchical Model, ISSI
             Newsletter, 3(2) June 2007, pp 24-27

       Book Review 

          1. Basu, Aparna (2005) Global Brain by Howard Bloom, in ISSI Newsletter 1(4) pp 11-14, Dec 2005

       List of Publications (Till 2001)

On Mathematical Models, Indian Science, Scientometrics, Innovation Diffusion and Applications, Fractals and Chaos, Brain Drain and Linkages in Science 1988-2001
Book/Edited Volume
  • Emerging Trends in Scientometrics (1999) Editors: Nagpaul P.S.; Garg K.C.; Gupta B.M.;  Bhattacharyya S.;  Basu A.; Sharma P.; Kumar S.,  Allied Publishers
  • Scientific Communities and Brain Drain (1998  )  Mahanti, S.; Krishna, V.V.; Haribabu, E.*; Jairath, V.K.*; Basu, A. Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
  • Basu, Aparna; Nagpaul, P.S. (March 1998) ‘National Mapping of Science: A bibliometric assessment of India’s Scientific Publications based on Science Citation Index (1990 & 1994)’,  NISTADS REPORT: #REP-248/98, submitted to NISSAT
  • Basu, Aparna; (Jan 1999 & 2000) et al, ‘Scientific Productivity, where do we stand?’, Brief reports on Indian science based on bibliometric indicators, prepared for Indian Science Congress, Chennai, Jan 1999 and Pune, Jan 2000 (reprinted in Information Today and Tommorrow, 1999)
Journal Papers

Mathematical Models in Scientometrics
  • Basu, Aparna (2014) The Albuquerque model and efficiency indicators in national scientific productivity with respectto manpower and funding in science, Scientometrics, DOI 10.1007/s11192-014-1254-2
  • Basu, Aparna (1992) 'On the theoretical foundations of Bradford's law'  INFORMETRICS, Proceedings of the International conference on Informetrics, ISSI 91: 51-69, ed. I.K.Ravichandra Rao, Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science. Reprinted in International Information, Communication, Education, Sep. 1998, 17(2): 185-195
  • Basu, Aparna (1992) 'Hierarchical distributions and Bradford's law', Journal of American Society for Information Science 43(7):494 -500
  • Basu, Aparna (1995) 'Concentration Measures in Random Hierarchical Distributions’, JISSI, The International Journal of Scientometrics and Informetrics, Vol. 1, June 2, 1995
  • Basu, Aparna, (1995) ‘Models of Bradford’s Law’ as the solutions of differential equations’, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, Learned Information Inc., Chicago, 1995
Science in India
  • Basu, Aparna (1999) ‘Are Indian Scientist’s losing in the world publishing race? A refutation’, in Emerging trends in Scientometrics, Allied Publishers, New Delhi,  Eds. P.S. Nagpaul, et al
  • Basu, Aparna (1999) ‘Science Publication Indicators for India: Questions of Interpretation’, Scientometrics, 44: 347-360
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On Plasma Physics, Remote Sensing, and miscellaneous Book Reviews

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