At-Home Parvo Treatment Protocol

Check your state laws for all veterinary protocols

Take all appropriate steps to minimize the spread of parvovirus
  • Clean everywhere the owners have been if they have gotten out of the car. Use 1:30 diluted bleach made that day.
  • Use the Trifectant to spray down all paperwork handled by owners and allow to dry

    Reception Communicating With Owner

    1. Ask if dog has been tested
      • No – Notify owner we will need to do it prior to treatment (20$ cost)
      • Yes – Verify the positive test & ask owner to bring in paperwork of the positive test
        • If no paperwork, get name of clinic and call ahead of time
          1. Verify the test was done and was positive verbally
          2. Request weight of puppy
          3. Request records sent over to that includes any treatment already given
    2. Notify owner of cost:
      • $150 dollars for 3 days with proof of positive test
      • $170 if the test is needed
      • If unable to afford, can pay $50 daily and pick up new meds daily. Notify that one day of treatment is not sufficient treatment.
      • We will teach how to administer medications
      • If owner does not want to treat the dog they can surrender. 
    3. Schedule same day appointment. If no open appointments, double book at most convenient time to minimize time puppy is in car in parking lot
    4. Notify the owner to stay in the car upon arrival and to call into clinic. 
    5. Notify that if the veterinarian feels the dog is too sick for at-Home treatment, will recommend to surrender to a Parvo ICU.

    Reception Arrival of Owner On-Site

    1. If animal has already been tested:
      1. Verify paperwork and writes information on our forms
      2. Notify the appointment doctor of the car and location
      3. Start an illness form for the vet that has:
        • Name of dog and owner
        • AT HOME PARVO ASSESSMENT under “problem/symptom” 
        • Weight if known
        • Date
      4. If animal has not been tested, reception notifies the vet assist technician who will perform the parvo test in the parking lot.
        • If negative – we cannot treat the puppy and we recommend seeing a private vet for diagnosis and treatment.
        • If positive - continue

    After Exam

    Veterinarian will notify reception that we are either surrendering, doing at-home treatment, or no treatment:
    • If surrendering, see owner surrender protocol
    • If At-Home treatment
      • Reception has At Home Treatment Waiver signed
      • Reception takes payment from clinic, over the phone (owner must stay in car)
      • Notify the Technician (vet assist position) when the above is finished.


    • Get the pre-made Parvo Kits from fridge for appropriate weight OR Fill THREE days worth of med in pre-dosed syringes:
      • Enrofloxacin, 100 mg/mL, 0.05 mL/lb SQ given in fluids q 24 hours (#3)
      • Polyflex (Ampicillin), 200 mg/mL, at 0.05 mL/lb SQ given in fluids q 12 hours (#6)
      • Reglan (Metoclopramide), 5 mg/mL, at 0.05 ml/lb SQ in fluids q 12 hours (#6)
      • Lactated Ringers Fluids – Given SQ at dose of 10 mLS/lb q 12 hours (1 Liter bag with line placed and flushed and 6 needles)
    • Show owner how to administer the medications and discuss importance of diluting meds in the fluid line.
      • We will charge $25 per treatment if the owner needs help administering meds, to pay for our time.