Parvo SNAP Test

This document contains information on when and how to perform a Parvo SNAP Test.

Basic Information

The tests are stored at room temperature. 
The IDEXX test is typically the most expensive aspect of parvo treatment.
The IDEXX parvo snap test is an ELISA which detects the antigen of the parvovirus using a very specific biotechnology. Check out IDEXX's youtube video that explains how it works! The accuracy information can be found hereThe Parvo SNAP Test was validated using fewer dogs than the Parvo ICU may treat in the average year.

When to Test

Once a dog has had 2 solid stools they can be tested to see if any virus is still being shed in significant amounts. 

The test can also be performed sooner if indicated by a veterinarian. This is usually done when dogs have been in the Parvo ICU for an unusually long time and may be suffering from another illness in addition to parvo that may be preventing them from having solid stools.

Be cautious when using the tests because they are costly.

Test Procedure

  1. Check to make sure that the LOT# for your test kit and swab match! If not, your results will be inconclusive
    • Please try to test up to three dogs per test to economize on tests. Using a single swab, obtain fecal samples from each patient.
  2. Ensure that you have an adequate but not excessive feces sample present on swab (swab pictured below). 
  3. Place swab back in container, and bend the bulb (part containing blue liquid) side ways to break the purple apart, and squeeze to release the blue testing fluid into the chamber where the feces is; mix 3-4 times only.
  4. The swab acts as a pipette -  suction out the blue conjugate fluid until most fluid is back in the bulb.
  5. Using the swab as a pipette, insert 5-6 drops into the chamber in the white IDEXX snap test.
  6. As soon as the fluid reaches the smaller circle, clamp the white testing tool completely flat ("snapping" it) and read the test in 8 minutes. It is important to not leave the test unattended until it is “snapped” or test will be invalid.
  7. Its important to leave the test completely still on a flat surface for the 8 minutes, or the test will be invalid.
  8. If there is only one blue dot, the test is negative (no more shedding of Parvo); if there are two or more dots, the test is positive (virus present). Always read a negative test over a light, just in case the test is still 'light' positive.
    • If positive, continue further treatment until test is called for again
    • If negative, puppy will need to be bathed and sent to foster or dog site. Notify the medical staff & Proceed to the Discharge Protocol!