End of Shift Checklist

At the end of each shift, the following procedure should be followed:

Every Shift

  • Turn off the dryer. Leaving it on can cause a fire.
  • Ensure all charts are complete. Everyone is comfortable!
  • Heating pads are set to low and wrapped in a towel or thick blanket
    • The medium or high setting will burn lethargic patients that aren't aware enough to move.
    • Heating pads have been known to cause third degree burns.
  • Fill out the parvo report, which will be sent to the parvo volunteers, medical staff, veterinarians, and the Operations Manager (who will find cage space for those being discharged from the ICU soon)
  • Inventory: Briefly ensure that there is enough medication, syringes, tubing, food, etc. for at least one week. If not, notify med techs via the parvo report.
  • Check pump bags for adequate volume (at least 12 hours). They should not run out between shifts.
  • Check pumps to ensure correct rate and total volume.
    Warning: These steps are often forgotten and can result in or contribute towards a patient's death!! This is the single most important step you must always do before leaving a shift.
  • Ensure IV lines are securely screwed on to puppy’s catheter and taped.
  • Ensure all medications are stored properly - most importantly, make sure refrigerated medications are placed back in the fridge. Polyflex left out is a waste of $40. Cerenia left out is a waste of $80. This program runs on a shoe string budget so please be mindful of preventing waste.
  • Ensure all dishes and counters are clean. Spray counters with disinfectant.
  • Ensure all electrical cable outlets are off the floor.
  • A/C or heater is set at appropriate temperature.

Night Shift Only

  • Turn off washer & dryer.
  • Turn off lights.