Discharge, Bathing, and Cleaning

This document contains the protocols for discharging, bathing and cleaning dogs and the associated equipment when they leave the ICU.

Discharge Protocol

Once a dog has tested negative for the virus:
  1. Communicate: Notify the med staff. They will let you know if there is kennel space/foster available for the dog. If space is available, continue
  2. Paperwork: Spray down all patient's paperwork with disinfectant. Deliver it to the med staff so they can prepare any remaining medications
  3. Bathe: Follow the bathing protocol to remove all traces of the virus. (See protocol below).
  4. Clean: Clean, scrub and disinfect the patients cage, preparing it for the next patient (see protocol below).

Bathing Protocol

The following is the procedure for bathing a puppy upon discharge:

  1. Ensure the bath tub is clean; check that all  supplies (shampoo, toothbrush, nail clippers, towels, smocks, etc.) are available.
  2. What clothes to wear?
    • If assistant available: Scrub out.  The assistant, in parvo, carries the dog to you (you can also have them hold the dog in the contaminated area as you clip their nails from the clean area). Carry the dog at arms length to the bath tub. If the dog is too big to be carried at arm's length, wear a clean (non-parvo) smock. 
    • If alone: Roll up dirty scrub pants to knee length, grab puppy, take dirty shoes off and step into ‘clean area,’ holding dog at arm's length and making sure not to touch or brush up against anything. -OR- scrub out, roll up pants, step into parvo shoes, come into parvo making sure not to touch anything except with your hands, carry dog to tub.
  3. Place on leash/harness at the tub. Loop the leash under a leg so puppies for safety.
  4. Rinse dog, shampoo & lather thoroughly, especially perineum (rectum), under the base of tail, and feet, and with care around the face and ears.
  5. Trim nails* 
  6. Use toothbrush or fingernails to thoroughly scrub nails, paw pads, between the toes and pads. 
  7. Rinse thoroughly
  8. Inspect paws thoroughly for any traces of feces.
  9. Re-shampoo, lather  (especially paws, toes, and perineum)
  10. Rinse, ensuring the water is clear and there is no more diarrhea or otherwise brown water coming off the dog.
  11. Towel dry dog and deliver to the med clinic.
  12. Alert medical staff that a puppy has been discharged
  13. Spray bathtub area with Trifectant or bleach
  14. Ensure paperwork has been discharged
*The 'kwik' is the part of the nail where the blood supply starts. If accidentally cut, use “Kwik Stop” on a Q-tip, or apply pressure to the nail. 

Cage Cleaning Protocol

Cage cleaning protocol can be found here.