Deceased Puppy Protocol

1. Disconnect all lines and remove catheter (if applicable). 
2. Get a clean black bag and put the puppy in bag, being careful not to let bag hit any infected feces areas on floor. 
3. Label bag with patient name and ID#. 
4. Seal bag and spray down with parvo disinfectant (trifectant). 
5. If in the morning, put in parvo changing area and notify medical clinic staff that it needs to be picked up. Do not cross the taped line. 
6. If in the evening and staff are still in the clinic, follow the instructions above. If not, store in freezer. Notify the next morning's volunteers that the body should be moved to the changing area and medical staff must come pick it up. 
7. Medical staff will bring a second bag from the clinic and the disinfectant soaked bag will be placed into a new 'clean' bag. Make sure bags do not touch the floor. Both parties must stay in their designated areas; person working with the deceased dog behind the line (parvo area) and techs in the 'clean' area. 
8. Disinfect entire second bag, not allowing the bag to touch the floor. Place in freezer in the clinic. 
9. Write "deceased" on paperwork, date/initial, disinfect paperwork, and send paperwork into medical clinic.