Maintaining Facilities

Maintain Equipment


Ensure toilets have proper equipment stored nearby to unclog as needed –a heavy duty plunger with extra strong suction is recommended. Ensure volunteers are following protocols to prevent toilets from clogging and are able to unclog if needed.


Toilet paper, cleaners, medications, medical supplies, food, etc should all be accounted for and stocked.

Groomer's Tub

Frequent cleaning is needed if the tub is not cleaned after every bath. Remove fur from the drain and wash away dirt. Drain cleaner may be needed to break down clogs.
Ensure proper equipment is available: nail trimmers, toothbrush, shampoo, leashes disinfectant spray, clean towels.


Ensure the following equipment is kept clean, working and updated: 
  • IV Pumps
  • Catheter equipment (hair clippers)
  • Laundry Machines
  • Computer

Volunteer Expectations

The whole team will need to contribute to keep the ICU clean, not just the manager/tech. Ensure volunteers are aware of their responsibilities for certain tasks to be done at the end of every shift.
See ICU Maintenance Protocols for daily and weekly maintenance tasks.

Ensure Reliability of Quarantine

Ensure trifectant is available, clean shoes and scrubs are available in the changing area, the changing area stays clean and tidy, soap and towels are available at the changing sink, trifectant is available, bathing area is stocked with soap and nail trimmers and regularly disinfected, bathing instructions are clear and understood, crates are scrubbed and rinsed prior to disinfected with trifectant following Disinfectant protocols.

Make sure towel is being changed, soap is available, trifectin is available, quarantine area is regularly cleaned, bathing area is properly stocked, bathing instructions are clear and understood.

Keeping an Organized ICU

Keeping a clean, organized ICU is important for volunteer retention. Volunteering should be as positive of an experience as you can make it which includes a well-organized program, and a friendly environment.

The catheter tub should always be kept cleaned, stocked, and organized.


Keep in mind what locations would require the least amount of time to complete tasks. For example, medications, syringes and a trash can should all be within arm’s reach for preparing treatments. Items used frequently throughout shifts should be easily and quickly accessible. 


Reorganizing ICU supplies to increase efficiency can be very helpful; however, keep in mind that changing supply locations frequently can cause confusion with volunteers. Do not reorganize too frequently.