Duplicating This Wiki

This page covers the information necessary to create a copy of this wiki for your own organization. You should only do this if you find you repeatedly need to make changes which you believe are organization specific to the policies and procedures outlined in the wiki. Otherwise, feel free to continue to reference this wiki at your convenience.

To duplicate the contents of this site, you can either:
  1. Copy individual portions manually via Copy+Paste
  2. Rip the site via a content downloading program such as google-sites-liberation
  3. If you have write permissions to the wiki, the easiest way is to follow the official Google instructions for copying a google-site
  4. If you do not have permission, the site administrator (see the bottom left of the sidebar) can create a copy for you

Modifying Organization Specific Information

The wiki contains a variety of organization specific information which must be changed or removed upon copying the information. A list of the locations of these changes follows:

Note on Incomplete Documents

This wiki will typically have unfinished pages and todo notes in the Incomplete Documents section of the wiki. On copy, these should be either merged or deleted appropriately. Note that merging should involve contacting the page creator and confirming the information is complete and usable, otherwise the document should be removed. Incomplete items should not be copied along with the wiki.

Sidebar and Title

The website title should be changed along with the references to the organization in the sidebar. This includes the root page title as well as the links to organization websites in the bottom of the sitebar.

Audit and Last Checks

If the site is copied via google sites, the search feature can be used to confirm all organization references have been changed. Additionally, the browser Find feature can be use to confirm the organization name has been changed on all template information (sidebar, title, etc).