2015-2016 Executive Board:


Alex Chiang
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): University of Illinois-Finance
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Corporate M&A
Advice for 1Ls: Worry about what you are doing, not what others are doing.  Stay level headed.


Bach Nguyen
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): Carnegie Mellon University, Philosophy & Biology
Hometown: Silver Spring and/or Clarksville MD
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Health, Environmental, Public Interest
Advice for 1Ls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2Wx230gYJw Make a detailed schedule, stick to it best you can, adjust as necessary. Put yourself out there, whether for networking, help, or just social events. Don't forget the period at the end of your citations.

Community Relations/Spring Reception Co-Chairs

Kaylesh Ramu
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): Political Science 
Hometown: Laurel, MD
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Educational Law/Juvenile Justice
Advice for 1Ls: Don't get caught up in how everyone else is approaching law school. Find what methods work best for you!

Tyler Babich 
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): University of Maryland-College Park, Government & Politics with a minor in Asian American Studies
Hometown: Rockville, MD
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Public Service and Policy
Advice for 1L: Determine your own standard of success for law school. Everyone's goals are a little bit different, so your path is going to be unique. Talk to advisors, professor and classmates but ultimately success is up to you.

Competition Chair

Anthony Vu

Class Year: 2L

Undergrad, Major(s): University of Buffalo, Psychology

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Legal Area(s) of Interest: Intellectual Property

Advice for 1Ls:
Pay attention to the facts of each case, not just the law. Both are essential.

Communications Chair

Silva Georgian
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): University of California, Irvine; Political Science
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Criminal law, public interest, corporate litigation 
Advice for 1Ls: Start consolidating your lecture notes as early as you can. Don't wait until a week before finals to start putting your outlines together. 

1L Representative

Elbereth Fernandez
Class Year: 1L
Undergrad Major: UMBC and Political Science
Hometown: Towson
Legal Area(s) of Interest: International Law 

Vice President

Aarti Sardana
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): Criminal Justice and Psychology
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Public Interest, Litigation, Corporate
Advice for 1Ls: take it one day at a time, don't just do the reading but understand it!!


Jim Nghieu
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): Penn State; marketing
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Health law, mental disorder, privacy & compliance, and med mal defense litigation
Advice for 1Ls: Have hobbies and be concise

Social/Fundraising Chair

Rebecca Shin
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): University of Maryland, College Park, English Language and Literature 
Hometown: Maryland
Legal Area(s) of Interest: International, IP
Advice for 1Ls: This too shall pass

Professional Development Chair

Jonathan Tincher
Class Year: 2L
Undergrad, Major(s): St. John's College, Liberal Arts
Hometown: Dunbar, WV
Legal Area(s) of Interest: Business Law
Advice for 1Ls: Think about your question before you raise your hand. 

1L Representative

Rosy Shrestha
Class Year: 1L
Undergrad; Major: University of Maryland, College Park & Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Hometown: Towson, MD
Legal Interests: International Business/Transaction Law, International Human Rights