Welsh Honey show at North Florida Fair November 5, 2011

Dear Friends,

The North Florida Fair and Apalachee Beekeepers Association are
sponsoring the Third Annual Welsh Honey Show on Saturday, November 5,
2011 here in Tallahassee; a formal announcement is attached.

This affords a wonderful opportunity to show off the work of your
"girls", and your own artistry in appreciation of honey bees. Our
September meeting will feature a demonstration of how to successfully
prepare your exhibits.

If there are any questions, please contact us by email:  fhs1959@comcast.net

Charles Futch and Susan Drake
Assistant Chairpersons
Apalachee Beekeepers Association
Thursday, November 3   5:00--9:00 PM
  Frank Votra
Friday, November 4   5:00--9:00 PM
  Michele Wahl
  Elaine Suber
Saturday, November 5 1:00--5:00 PM 5:00--9:00 PM
Erin Strong Chuck Booker
Sarah White Betty Booker
Sunday, November 6 1:00--5:00 PM 5:00--8:00 PM
Erin Strong
Sarah White Buz Ireland
Monday, November 7   5:00--9:00 PM
  Frank Votra
  Bob Steele/Chuck Booker
Tuesday, November 8   5:00--9:00 PM
  Frank Votra
  Heather Gamper
Wednesday, November 9   5:00--9:00 PM
  Franklin Hamilton
Thursday, November 10   5:00--9:00 PM
  Tracie Schneider
  Lee Avirett
Friday, November 11   5:00--9:00 PM
  Susan Drake
  Charles Futch
Saturday, November 12 1:00--5:00 PM 5:00--9:00 PM
Melanie Annis Pia Neustadler
Sunday, November 13 1:00--5:00 PM 5:00--8:00 PM
Vicki Mariner Cassia Reimer
Heather Gamper
for volunteers!!!


I have passes for everyone. I will meet the Thursday and Friday (3 and 4 November)
volunteers at the East Gate (the one nearest the football field) at 5:00 PM on those
days with your passes and money bags for the honey sales.

If you come to the Welsh Honey Show before noon on Saturday (5 November) you can
get in free. I will be there and can give you passes and money.
Otherwise I will be at the regular meeting on Tuesday (8 November) and can give them out then.


We will have three types of honey for sale.
1 pound bottles of Tupelo honey $9.00
1 pound bottles of Gallberry honey $9.00
1 pound bottles of Wildflower honey $8.00
8 ounce bottles of Wildflower honey $4.00

Set out 6-8 bottles of each type; a price list and labels for each are
with the boxes of honey under the main table.

Set out one bottle of each type for tasting (there already should be
open bottles of tupelo and wildflower if not, open one of each). There are plastic
straws that may be dipped in the open bottles. Some wet wipes and/or paper towels will be
available for cleanup.

At the end of your shift, clean up honey tasting area, and put honey
bottles back under the table. You may leave everything else one the table. Take the money
with you. Either bring it to the Honey Show, or the regular Tuesday meeting, or call or email me
for other instructions.

If you have any questions, I will generally be available by home phone
(850 309 7662). I do have a cell phone (850 294 1090) but use it ONLY when Im not home.
Have fun ! You will meet some interesting people, most of whom know
nothing about bees. Teach them.
Charles and Susan




Extracted Honey

Medium Light    1st Place Sonja Guthrie

                        2nd Place Tracie Schneider

                        3rd Place Karl Suber

Medium Medium 1st Place Tony Hogg

                            2nd Place Thomas Carey

Dark                     1st Place Cassia Reimer

                            2nd Place Melanie Annis

                            3rd Place Frank Votra

 Black Jar Honey    1st Place Karl Suber

                                2nd Place Sonja Guthrie

                                3rd Place Tony Hogg

Candles 1st Place Becky Hogg

Cut Comb Honey 3rd Place Cassia Reimer

Color Photo 1st Place Karl Suber

Crafts     1st Place Cassia Reimer

               2nd Place Becky Hogg

                3rd Place Jennifer Bock

Gadgets 1st Place Bill Behrend

Best in Show  Sonja Guthrie

apalachee bee,
Aug 30, 2011, 10:45 AM