local beekeeping items for sale

Do you need some extra frames? Are you in a pinch to get some mite treatment on your bees? Maybe you are looking for some bee related artwork? Listed below are Apalachee Bee members who can supply you with what you need!

Tony and Becky Hogg of Full Moon Apiaries
    Come visit their shop in downtown Monticello (220 West Washington Street - inside Tupelo's Bakery) or call them to place an order. They sell equipment, bees, honey, candles.... you name it! 
phone 850-997-3974  
Cassia Reimer is not only a beekeeper but she is an iron-pouring artist!! check out Made by Cassia With Love webpage!
Bob and Cory Livingston of Bobbees Honey and Pollination sell beeswax, misc. bee supplies (Bob can make a mean wax melting/pouring machine out of a presto pot), in summer, fall and winter they have High Fructose Corn syrup for sale. Bob has also been raising his own queens for a few years now, you can contact him by email bbb32311@yahoo.com
 MILLIE BEE Beekeeping Supplies - ELMORE HERMAN
phone (850)762-2255
Location: P.O. Box 105 Beauchamp Farm Road, Marianna, FL 32447
Elmore initiated and got the Apalachee Beekeepers up and running several years ago. He sells a wide variety of equipment, bees, feed... you name it. we will be posting a new link to his website soon.
would you like to be added to this list? please email hagamper@hotmail.com for more information