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The Extractor & Refractometer Rental Page

The Apalachee Beekeepers Association has a new extractor. It is a Maxant model 3100 9 frame extractor. A PDF file with instructions for use are attached. Our rental agreement must be completed prior to arranging pickup of the extractor. We also have a new Refractometer that is available when the Extractor is rented. This is a delicate instrument. Damaging, breaking or losing the Refractometer will cost the renter $80 to replace. You will receive instructions for proper are and cleaning of the Refractometer.

Our rental managers are Beth and Mike Parramore: Contact Phone 850-556-2094
bethannparramore@yahoo.com and parramoremike@yahoo.com

Daily rental of $10/day but you have to leave a $25 cleaning deposit. If you return the extractor clean, you get your deposit back.

DO NOT REMOVE BASKET from extractor to clean!

Renter is still responsible for damages. 

Only members in good standing can rent the extractor. A member in good standing is a member who is current in payment of dues and fees.

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