Thank you for your support!

We have raised enough funds for three seasonal samples during 2013. In each of these three time periods we will include 60 apiary locations.
Thank you very much for your contribution.
Florida Department of Plant Industry
Bobbee's Honey and Pollination - Bob and Cory Livingston
Full Moon Apiaries - Tony and Becky Hogg website
Robert Steele - Board Member of Apalachee Beekeeper's Association
Tallahassee Democrat and the Gannett Foundation
Jo Ostrov
Bob Jackson, Thunder Bay Apiaries, Quincy, FL
Louise Madonia
Chuck Mitchell
Shawn Moore
Charles Futch and Susan Drake
Theresa Bird
Bonnie Littlefield
Keith Berry
John Elzie
Frances James
 Jeff Farrah
Joann Prescott
Michelle Wahl
Eric Wilson
If you would like to donate to the Apis Viral Mapping Project:
or you can contact Bob Livingston at
We will be having a fundraising event for the Viral Mapping Project
at the Red Elephant Restaurant, Come join us !