About us


Fellow beekeepers,
We are one of the fastest growing beekeeping organizations in the state. Our February introduction to beekeeping program was a huge success by all accounts.

Our association has hands on teaching at hives 5:30 before our meetings. We work with beekeepers and go through the hives, then at 6:30 we start a brief business meeting indoors, followed by our regular program. We have had a great line-up of out side speakers this year and plan to continue with inviting outside speakers.  We host a Welsh Honey Show at the North Florida Fair,. This is a great time for beekeepers to showcase their hard work and talent. 
We are fortunate to have such an active group of beekeepers. Membership is for all beekeepers, commercial to the backyard hobbyist. Most of our members are hobbyists; all of our members are
To accomplish these goals we need members and money. If you have benefited from
any of our programs, are interested in local beekeeping opportunities, or want to support
beekeeping in our area, please consider renewing your membership for another year. If
you are not already a member please consider joining. Membership is only $30 and includes
membership to the Florida State Beekeepers Association.