Troubleshooting Import C++ Project to Eclipse

A sequence of screenshots from the Eclipse import and troubleshooting steps.
The Properties Dialog can be found by right clicking on the top-level project in the Project Explorer and choosing Properties.  If you right-click while a sub-folder or file is selected, you may have very few choices.
Note that there are also workspace-wide properties that can be set.

ASIDE: To launch from the commandline I need to prepend the executable name with DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/vertica/lib which is a 3rd party library dependency.  I can't put this in my ~/.bash_profile because it messes up mercurial among other things when done globally.

Try to find un-resolved files.  R-click on top project.  

Select Index menu item.  Select Search for Unresolved Includes.
Here are the results.  Lots of things that are in the Includes folder in the Project Explorer view show up in the Search view as unresolved.

This was an attempt to follow some instructions from Option 2 of importing a makefile directly without using the CDT4 Eclipse generator for cmake.  I'm guessing that the suggestion is now superceded by the updated cdt4 tools plugin (v 7.0).

A peek at linked resources.  These entries seem to correspond with <link> values in .project or .cproject.