What will it cost

Accommodation for Apache committers (and their invited guests) is being covered by the ASF. All you need to pay for is your food.

For those staying over, the hostel will be providing breakfasts, lunches and dinners. For day barcampers, there's lunch.

When you sign up, you'll be asked to pay for your food. The costs are:
  • Whole weekend - $85 ( + $5.67 eventbrite fee)
  • Day BarCamp lunch - $15 (+ $1.81 eventbrite fee)
To sign up, please visit this site. We do require signups and payments in advance - it isn't possible to pay on arrival this year, sorry.
Signups will close 7 days before the event!

If you have any dietry requirements, please drop an email to the retreats@ list after signing up, so we can notify the hostel.

Need Help?
If you need to talk your company into funding your travel, then we've put together a For Your Boss page which explains about the event, and the value of attending.

If you're not currently working, or your company can't help, then the Apache Travel Assistance Committee is offering support to get people to the event. Support is available to cover the travel and food costs, for those who otherwise would be unable to make the event. Applications for support are open until Saturday 12th March. Please see http://www.apache.org/travel/ for details of how to apply.