PMC Hackathons

In addition to the BarCamp, ad-hoc coding sessions and socialising (see What To Expect for more details), certain PMCs will be hosting events at the retreat. Generally, these will be hackathons and coding sessions, but the exact details are up to each PMC!

It is expected that most people involved in these PMCs will also take part in the BarCamp sessions when their project isn't doing something. In addition, these PMCs will give one or two BarCamp sessions about their project aimed at everyone else. More on what those talks are likely to be is available  here.

The Chemistry PMC will be hosting a planning session and hackathon. It is hoped that almost all committers on the project will be able to attend.

Discussions are expected to focus on:
  • OpenCMIS Roadmap:
    • OpenCMIS 1.0
    • And what's beyond version 1.0?
  • Implementing CMIS 1.1
  • Should there be a common client model between languages?
For more information, see the dev@chemistry list.

While the Subversion PMC is hosting a hackathon in Berlin the week after the retreat, many project members are hoping to have a "warm-up" session at the retreat. This is likely to build on the success of the subversion event at the Hursley retreat in late 2010. For more information, see the dev@subversion list.

Several HTTPD project members will be at Knockree, and it's expected that a half day hackathon session will be organised. In addition, there is likely to be a number of BarCamp sessions centred around the project.

In addition to these projects who have specific events planned already, most Apache projects are likely to have at least one person attending!

The retreat very much welcomes committers and contributors from all projects. The bulk of the attendees will be people coming for the BarCamp and ad-hoc hacking sessions - probably only a quarter of people will be attending a project specific hackathon from the list above. For more information on what to expect from the event, see the What To Expect page.