Network availability

Don't rely on a working network. The location is rural and although there is a broadband connection it's likely, based on experience last year, to be down more often that it's up. If you need to stay in touch with people it would be best to bring your own solution.

If you're going to be doing much hacking, make sure you've done your checkout before you arrive!

There is mobile phone coverage at the hostel, but last year it was only GPRS (2G), so don't expect anything too fast from it....

The hostel has a single ADSL connection that's sub-2mbps, and a single wireless access point, both of which are normal consumer kit. If you might be able to bring along a few wireless access points / some wired networking kit / an ADSL router that's tuned to get the best out of very long line lengths, please email the retreats@ list so we can co-ordinate on what kit's coming.