For your boss...

If you've been pointed at this page, then there's a good chance that someone in your organisation is involved in an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project, and they'd like to attend the Knockree retreat on the 13th - 16th May. With this page, we'll try to briefly explain what the event is, and why you might want to fund the cost of getting them to the event!

The event is taking place in Knockree in Ireland, just south of Dublin. It runs from the evening of Friday 13th May, until the morning of Monday 16th May (though some people will leave on the Sunday). We've booked out a whole youth hostel, which provides us with plenty of space for un-conference sessions, hacking and more. There's even a lovely courtyard for hosting talks outside, if the Irish weather is nice to us!

BarCamp Sessions
One of the main things at the event is a BarCamp "un-conference". This is a slightly different kind of conference, where the schedule is largely decided on the day based on the people present and their interests. This allows for a more focused session better fitting the interests of everyone there, and works well for the smaller audiences we have.

Because the sessions aren't scheduled until the day, it's hard to say exactly what talks will be given, and what will be discussed. We do know of a few talks though:
  • The Apache Way - Several ASF board members and founding members will lead a session on how the ASF works, and our meritocratic way of developing open source software
  • The Apache Incubator - Incubator Project members will discuss how we bring new projects into the ASF, and how we help them grow
  • What is CMIS, and why should you use it for your content - Florian Muller (CMIS Spec author and VP Chemsitry) and other Chemistry project members will be talking about the new OASIS CMIS standard, which aims to do for structured content what SQL did for relational data. They'll also be discussing how the new Apache Chemistry project can help you use and deploy CMIS.
  • Subversion - what's new, and what's coming - Greg Stein and other subversion committers will be talking about the new features in subversion, what's coming up, and how to make the most out of SVN
  • 7 things you didn't know HTTPD can do which you could be using - Most of the httpd movers and shakers will be talking about some of the httpd features which save you time and effort, but which most people seem to not know enough about
If that wasn't enough to justify flying to Ireland for, here's a few of the excellent talks we've had at past retreats, which we should see more of like again:
  • Memory leaks and Tomcat - Mark Thomas gave an excellent talk on why your Java webapp might leak memory, how to find out why and where, and how Tomcat can fix some of this for you
  • Practical Git, for subversion developers - Learning about Git, from the developers of subversion! Including all the bits SVN does better, and half a dozen ways the unwary can trip themselves up with git...

PMC Hackathons
Three projects are co-locating planning sessions and code hackathons with the retreat. These three projects are:
  • Apache Chemistry
  • Apache HTTPD
  • Apache Subversion
For more information on what each project is hoping to achieve, see the PMC Hackathons page. In general though, these projects are trying to get a large part of their developers together to maximise the progress and knowledge sharing.

In addition, several other projects are expecting to do mini hackathons at the event, but these will be slightly smaller events and so not as planned in advance.

Everything Else
In addition to the hackathons and barcamps, there's plenty else that'll be going on at the event. From putting names to faces, learning more about how the ASF works, learning from other projects, key signings to ad-hoc technology discussions over a beer, there's always lots going on!