Directions to Knockree

The directions are given on the Knockree site - you can get almost all the way to the hostel on public transport. For drivers, it's about 30 minutes drive from the turn-off from the M11 near Bray, it should be under an hour from the Ferry Terminal, or about 90 minutes from the Airport. If you follow the directions from the hostel site, you shouldn't have too many problems finding the venue. See the LiftShare page for contact details in case of any problems (not that there will be any!)

As parking is somewhat limited at the site, we'd ask that you don't drive if you don't need to! There are a few options for getting to the event:
  • We will be arranging lifts from Bray Station - see the LiftShare page
  • We'll also do pickups from the bus stop just past Enniskerry - so as to avoid the 40 minute walk at the end of the bus route.
  • Get a lift from the airport or ferry terminal - sign up on the LiftShare page
If you do end up with a car, please list yourself on the LiftShare page so that others can join you.