The Unit Protocols

Information and Protocols

    What to expect when you contact us for an investigation: First we will have you answer a few questions over the phone  . If we can not take your case we will refer you to other teams.Next we will set up a meeting and interview , either in a public place or your home or business. This is a screening process that we must do in order to be sure we can take your case, sometimes it can determine if a potential client may have severe mental problems ,or on drugs and needs help of a different kind .Going into peoples homes blindly ,without a thorough screening can lead to problems.So,hopefully you will understand the need for this process. After that ,if we take your case , we will need to take a tour of your place  ,interview all who live in the house  or if it is a place of business ,those who work there, anyone who has experienced any of the unusual events. This is the standard for most investigative teams.                            There will be forms to sign before we start the investigation. When we do the investigation we will bring in various equipment like ,cameras,video equipment,EMF meters,EVP recorders,etc. If you have questions we will gladly answer them.We will be courteous and act in a professional manor .  We will be there many hours ,and may need more than one night.We will need at least one adult family member to be there for the investigation,and of course the family does not have to leave ,sometimes it's better you keep your routine normal as possible while we are there in case the "haunting" is brought about by the family's normal activities. After we gather all the evidence we will take a few days to examine it .Then we will make an appointment with you to discuss our findings ,our suggestions,etc. 
added note  : since all cases are not the same it may vary as to the  exact process at the end of an investigation and if a case shows no haunting evidence or anything unusual   after a thorough investigation , then we may wrap it up with no delay . In these cases there is usually no need for a follow up visit.                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Unit Protocols for all members to read and sign. .-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Clients privacy wishes will be upheld. Names ,address and other info that clients request will be kept private .

2. Clients will be treated with respect and concern  , as well as their property . Unit members will be courteous  ,careful and show appropriate behavior  and professionalism.

3. Stealing from the client will not be tolerated and will result in termination from The Unit.

4.During investigations ,projects ,field trips ,etc .No drugs or drinking of  alcoholic beverages .No smoking .Do not wear colognes,perfumes ,etc .

5. Keep in mind that any kind of  public behavior at any time that causes The Unit to get a bad reputation will not be tolerated.

6. What The Unit does is a community service and no member will ask for payment from the client .

7. The client will be treated with the same respect as you would an  employer,  even though this is a free service. Dress and behave appropriately.

8. The Unit members will observe  all laws and regulations ,and will respect  requests of  the police to leave an area .We must be careful not to trespass.

9. We will always clean up after ourselves  , never leaving messes for others to clean up, trash ,etc. 

10. Cemeteries will be treated with respect , no defacing of any property …and of course no stealing. No taking of “souvenirs” from investigations.

11. Accidents can happen and Unit members agree to not hold The Unit responsible or sue for injuries ,etc.
12. Unit members may be photographed and filmed and this when signed gives permissions.

13. Unit members will pay for gas and their own food etc. ,and cost of out of town investigations, (unless clients help with costs ,which sometimes happens)etc .Initial Unit t-shirts and hats are provided to members. Anytime members can help with any Unit costs ,it is appreciated and encouraged as the founders have very limited funds. Please bring cameras, fresh batteries and any useable equipment of your own , it will remain yours of course ,unless donated to The Unit. Unit equipment (that is not yours) may not be borrowed or removed from The Unit.

14. Only Unit members and approved non-member specialist/consultants allowed on investigations. This includes meetings.

15. When joining the Unit ,members agree to all rules , protocols and joins as a serious member with intentions of  continuing , as if a job (no payment ,as we are volunteers)  and agrees to be reliable -not be a flake. By this we mean we expect a  commitment to show up when asked (when humanly possible , we understand family comes first and your real job). This includes meetings.

16. There will be study  required of  proper paranormal investigating ,suggested reading and web sites . All members are expected to acquire the knowledge needed to be investigators ,there will be testing to pass before becoming a full fledged investigator.  This is important and is common sense. Details will be discussed at meetings.

17. Signing this means you agree to all protocols  and “rules”...and agree that you are over 21 years of age.

Sign here-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date-------------------------

 Team members ,please print these out and sign .Our printer here is broken! Anyone wanting to donate a printer/scanner let me know.