The Unit members

Photos and info of our team 

Yoshi the new Unit dog

new photo of Fidel,Ginny and Kurt

  1 . Dakota -co -founder /investigator/explorer/author /photography / indie short film maker/script writer. 2. Wolf-co-founder/tech manager/investigator/researcher/explorer/ camera man/Halloween  project specialist training/archivist/the fun run committee/caregiver . 4.Kurt - investigator in training/tech asst./state employee/Halloween Haunt actor. 5. Fidel-investigator in training/tech asst./store manager/musical artist. Virginia ,our wiccan consultant is now our case manager .She's a social worker and volunteer worker with domestic abuse victims. And Bob ! He's our photography consultant , master coffee grinder and top notch auto tech.

We are an eclectic group ,different backgrounds, varied interests and lifestyles. But we all care about helping people and that's the main goal of the Unit. Some of us have had our own troublesome paranormal experiences and can offer support.