Words from The Units Founders

Dakota - co-founder   

 I wanted to start The Unit to investigate in homes to help people who believe they are experiencing a haunting.I know what it's like to be scared in your own home and have to sleep with the lights on (if you can sleep at all). I am half skeptic and half believer ,i don't have all the answers but i am determined to find out .After years of interest and study of this field ,i still am not an expert -i'm still learning. I love to study and research,i love a good mystery . If anyone is obsessed with finding out the nitty gritty of things , it's me .

Digging for the truth is a major occupation of my time . I'm very serious about paranormal research and investigation with that goal of helping people .I enjoy what i do ,and have a sense of humor -which i find essential -but i don't take it lightly. Paranormal experiences can be frightening (occasionally fun i admit) and life changing . I hope The Unit can help those who are having paranormal and unexplained activity ,especially when it's very distressing -we know the truth is there within our reach ,if we get tuned in and connect, we can make a difference. I hear of so many cases where people are being taken advantage of by an unethical  team or just plain phonies ,leaving cases unresolved and making a bad name for legitimate paranormalists. The Unit is made up of just regular people who want to help and love the paranormal field . My son Wolf and i are research-a-holics ,full of curiosity ,open-minded (although i still tend to be more of a skeptic than he is) and love to explore the unknown or mind-bending strange events. We are careful with choosing team members and consultants.

We are a small team with each his or her own set of beliefs and opinions ,we may not always agree on every little thing ...or big thing,but we get along well and share a common goal for The Unit. We know the answers are out there and so we put ourselves out there and search . We are just an email away. ap7zone@gmail.com

 added note: Although i am the constant student ,i am not an expert .I have very strong beliefs ,opinions and a strong desire to help people .That's why i "came out of the closet" regarding my paranormal interest and study of demonology . There are very vulnerable folks seeking help from the wrong people .People who are deceivers and Frauds and leeching off of those who are suffering .When i lost my beloved mother i almost was sucked in ,despite my studies and personal beliefs -by so called psychics and mediums.Why? Because i wanted desperately to "hear" from my mother and not let her go . People were trying to convince me to talk to Sylvia Browne or others like her. They meant well ...but were and are very misinformed .It really hit me hard how easy people were being taken advantage of when at their lowest point. Most psychics are fakes -and are raking in the money ,and are getting away with it! There are also the unethical paranormal investigators ,as i've talked about before, those who are claiming to  be experts and end up doing much more harm than good . There is much more to this field than having all kinds of "ghosthunting" gadgets -critical and logical thinking are the major tools ,good listening skills ,knowledge and understanding of demons,strong spirituality and the goal of helping people. Being "tuned in" to the clients emotional state and what the needs are -don't walk away leaving this aspect unresolved. Solving the "haunting" doesn't mean the job's done . Follow up,support and counseling ,proper referrals .This is a commitment and very seldom a quick fix .You may not need a lengthy investigation to figure out what is causing the "haunting" but the follow up care may take time . Like i said,this is a commitment -don't take it lightly -you are dealing with real people who are putting their trust in you to help them . When you are involved in this field you must be ready to give 100 per cent .Ask yourself why you are doing this ,i hope you know the answer .If your heart is not in the right place you will do harm -there is far too much of that going around.


Questions :

  Do you make money being a paranormal investigator? - No , but  some do because they charge for the  investigation  or a cleansing, we don't charge. Some make money on books or other things related to the field ..like t.v shows. (we are not a t.v.show)

Do you really believe in ghosts? - I don't believe that dead people come back to haunt us...not Hollywood style. I believe we can be "haunted"...there is certainly paranormal activity occurring and things that are unexplained .I don't have all the answers... but most "hauntings" can be explained . I believe our minds can conjure up a lot of odd things .I do believe in negative spirits,even evil spirits . They are not ghosts of dead people , they are non-human .

If you don't believe in ghost then why are you a ghost hunter? -For me "ghosts" is a just a term that covers many things .As for the hunting part ,i'm searching for what's behind a haunting ...i'm a skeptic looking for the truth. Ghost hunting is a term i would not normally use to describe what i do.,unless as a catch-all phrase.

Are you a psychic? -No.

Do you use psychics? -No.

Do you believe in psychics?- There are people who call themselves psychics...not many of them are.

Are most people haunted by demons or possessed by them? - I don't think so, hauntings yes,but actual possession,no,but evil spirits or demons are certainly out there causing problems. Some people are experiencing things of demonic nature ,some open themselves up to this by seances and ouija boards or other ways. It isn't wise to toy with this-but it's done by many and can lead to serious problems. But no...most people are not walking around possessed by demons.

Do you talk to dead people?- Well ...i do yes...but they don't answer. 

Have you ever experienced a demon or evil spirit in any way, personally?- I believe so ,yes. But i don't invite them here -i tell them to leave. Adding a note here: I have many of these experiences in dreams ,i believe very much that evil spirits can attack in dreams (and it's very frightening) or just before or just after awakening. I'm including "shadow people" in this , because i have seen them. "Shadow people " , so far, have not appeared to be  harmful to me ,but it startles me at times and that in itself can be harmful.

When people hear voices ,as in schizophrenia (sp) can it be caused by demons? -Yes ,that's common... .demons prey on people like that ,they are very vulnerable to demons.

Can you hear demonic voices without being mentally ill?- Yes-evil spirits will mess with you ...they mess with me ,i have to keep spiritually strong . Evil spirits try to weaken you, confuse you and certainly can make you ill. They watch for an opening , when you are depressed,on drugs etc., they know when to strike.Once you know what's attracting them  to you  ,you can  get rid of them  .  It might not be easy ,but you can do it.

Do they ever come back? - Yes ,and when you are in this field ,especially a studier of demonology-you know this may happen. It's important to say a protection prayer and keep spiritually strong.


Have you had Poltergeist activity in your home? -You might call it that, but it's certainly spirits being very annoying-i've  had lights turn on and off by themselves ,t.v. turn off and on ,a lightbulb fall out (two times), tapping on my shoulder ...and that type of stuff ...usually these things happen when i'm studying demonology .

Can you help people who are bothered by evil spirits? -Yes i believe so,but they also have to help themselves too...it's a combined effort...and not usually done quickly. At least i can offer support .  Let me add here- Counseling is usually recommended .

Do you offer any guarantees in your work?-No ,i don't think anyone can do that in this field.

Do you perform Catholic exorcisms?- I'm not Catholic and no i don't do exorcisms. We can help with  "bannishment",so to speak,cleansings ... actual exorcisms of a demon possessed person -no. That's very different from getting "rid" of bad spirits in people's homes .You don't have to be Catholic to do exorcisms by the way .

Are you an expert in the paranormal field?.-No

Have you had an experience on an investigation you couldn't prove?- Yes ,that does happen .When at an historical cemetery i asked if a spirit was there would it show itself ...Wolf and i suddenly felt cold and something touching us ...both .There was no doubt something was there next to us. It was not caught on camera and there was no EVP, but it happened.

What famous haunted place is your favorite? -Well one very well known place is The Mission Inn in Riverside ,it's the Catacombs that i really loved seeing .I wasn't there investigating and didn't see anything unusual but it felt very creepy, just as you might imagine .It was great . I'm told they don't let anyone down anymore ,too bad -i 'd love to go back.


A message to all: I believe what we do as paranormal researchers and investigators is a community service.It may have started for some as a hobby  and considered a "club activity" ,a fun and interesting thing to do on weekends and other free time. For some of us it is more serious and we have put in many hours ,many years of study . This field, for us, is not a "game" ,not an entertainment venue . We offer our help to people who  are disturbed by strange and frightening activity  .We can not offer a 100 per cent guarantee that our services will  be completely successful .We will do everything within our abilities and knowledge to solve the problem. However minor or major the "haunting" is ,we will help ,we will not lie to you or charge you . We understand it mat not be easy for some to call in a paranormal team ,who are strangers to you-to let them loose in your home .We here in The Unit will not ask you to leave your home while we investigate and we want you to be part of the investigation and encourage you to  be involved if indeed you wish to. The ways of our investigation are not secretive .We interview -asking a lot of questions ,document -taking photos and using equipment that we feel is  appropriate for your case ,mainly we observe and use logical thinking.No ouija boards ,no seances ...we want to help the problem ,not make it worse . We will do a "blessing", a cleansing before we leave.  We will study the photos,etc .from the investigation and let you know what the results are...whether it proves a haunting or not.We will be honest with you with our findings . If anything further is needed we will be  available and still at no charge. 

If you contact a team and they want to charge you for the investigation ...look elsewhere. Anyone interested in our services or have questions email us at ap7zone@gmail.com


Hi . I am Wolf ,co-founder of The Unit. Most of  my time these days (and nights) are spent on paranormal research . This is a field i love and believe me ,I learn something new everyday. There are a lot of people out there in the world who don't take paranormal investigating seriously  and probably laugh off what we do.But the paranormal exists  ,whether you believe in ghosts ,aliens or whatever.  Some are skeptics about one thing but not  the other , that's fine ...we all have opinions and the right to our own beliefs.  We have one or two skeptics on our team ...and even they often disagree with each other ,but I think we are a better team for it. Skeptics are good ...they love to debunk . Debunking is part of the investigating .We are a pretty thorough bunch here at the Unit and we do our investigating thoughtfully and honestly. I'm a believer in the paranormal .I will never have all the answers to everything  ,I'm sure, but I will keep searching . The world is full of paranormal happenings and more is reported all the time,sometimes by former skeptics. Paranormal activity is alive and well and I'm right in there! Join Me? It's out there...it's a reality !


contact us by email if you are interested in joining The Unit. You must be over 21 .