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                                                                                                                         Poppy  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>R.I.P. old friend

old cemetery in Folsom                                                                               night sky ,tree and Wolf pointing,



                                            our tree




                                                                  lights and dust "orbs" or??

     old church Folsom on site of the graveyard                                                         






cemetery Citrus Heights


 pictures we took in a local woodsy park . I see faces in them ...or something ...? Does anyone else see them?



all these shots above were taken because i just got "one of those feelings"  and then looked over the shots later and saw many things. I'm curious to know if anyone else sees anything,look close...please email me. Spirits ,shadow people -are very likely to be seen in woodsy areas . They may not show themselves right away (and you may not see them until after you look over the photos) but be patient  and take several photos of each spot where you get the most "vibes" ,using two different cameras if you can. Take a digital camera and a 35 mm film camera,and a video cam if possible. I think it's best to have someone with you ,especially when in the woods,i personally would not go alone. Be respectful and quiet and open minded. But remember it's easy to let your imagination get the best of you , keep calm and tuned in-if you begin to feel a sensation of being watched ,you probably are -they are doing the same as you-being curious observers. I get as many pix as i can and walk slowly ,quietly. I try not to over stay my welcome ...because i really don't know how welcome i am...after all ,i don't really 100 per cent know what is out there...


 other shots in the same area


another Citrus Heights cemetery

a Tuesday night local investigation

strange fun ?^

^lights from the zone?

 __________________________________________we get the weirduns. all i can say--------------- _________________________________________________________and lots of woodsy work.

these are our photos of old city cemetary in Sacramento.A beautiful historic cemetary

more to come . great historic cemetary and we are going back.

< grumpy darkwolf  /^  wolf Unit work/   >   /long night blues>>>>>>>

kurt trying to read my notes                                                                                       "Sunshine"Deb>>^

               Wolf and Deb ...always something interesting.    --- EVP dog Poppy>

who ya gonna call?

                                                                                                                                                kurt and orb (not)

                               hard at work

 the wolf  and the woof

kurt and wolf                                                                                                             photos> copyright Laird