movie posters

some posters of interesting films (some even good films...)  some scary ,some funny ,some harmless ,some not so harmless,some classic. in no particular order.

Just a sample of the type of films some of us collect or like to watch...or crave to watch . If i watched these alone it just might cause a paranormal moment or two ...perhaps a nightmare ( did actually,a time or two).Movies like these can make the imagination run wild . Often  something  will go" bump in the night" after watching a scary, creepy film ,even the next night or two. Once something is put in your mind it can open you up to some uncomfortable moments ,some people are more sensitive to this than others. We learn what we can watch and what not to watch ,but that doesn't always stop us does it? Children are often allowed to watch films that are very disturbing and the cause of nightmares . An adult may be able to shake off the effects of horror films ,while the child may not. As a child i used to watch scary movies and then suffer for it. I would watch them after my parents went to sleep , i'd get so creeped out i'd turn the lights on and couldn't fall asleep until dawn. There were monsters under my bed and in the closet. My imagination can still get the best of me but i know how to deal with it now -and very seldom ever watch anything disturbing late at night or alone. I have cut down on the horror movies quite a bit ...besides , i've seen them all!