Dakota's interview by  A.M Blogger

A.M.-Dakota , first  I want to ask you how you spell your name ,because I've  seen you spell it 2 different ways.

Dakota- Oh , i spell it Dakota and Dakotah seemed easier for people if i spelled it without the h. I may go back to Dakotah .

A.M-Ok,thanks. Now, I know you are a paranormal investigator but are you a demonologist?

Dakota-No matter how i answer that i will get emails ...LOL. I'm a student of demonology .I'm one of those who very much believe in demons and  Satan -and want to help people fight them off . Demons pretend to be ghosts of dead people and try to confuse us ,as well as harm us one way or another. I want to alert people of this fact and help them to learn how to protect themselves and their family. 

A.M- So are all ghosts actually demons?

Dakota-i believe so .

A.M-If my favorite aunt ,who is dead, appeared to me and spoke to me ,would that really be a demon?

Dakota-It could be , unless you are dreaming ,but yes - demons appear as ghosts of dead loved ones .


A.M- So, when people die they never come back to haunt us?

Dakota-We can be haunted by a memory ,by regrets ,haunted by the past -haunted by bad spirits ,but no ,not dead people.

A.M-Do you watch movies about ghosts?

Dakota-Sure , i like a good  scary movie ,they can be entertaining. 

A.M-I know you like filmmaking . Do you have a project in the works?

Dakota-On the back burner .I hope to get time to do that in the near future.

A.M-Will it be paranormal?

Dakota-Might be will be ...different...i'm not sure which script i'm going with.

A.M-You also write poetry and have published a poetry book haven't you?

Dakota-Yes, Thomas Beal was kind enough to publish my "Cosmic Etchings".I don't really call it poetry ,i call it unpoetry .

A.M-You also are a photographer ,and some of your photo works are  in the paranormal vein , any plans to go deeper into that territory?

Dakota- Oh ,yes for sure. I love the strange.LOL.

A.M.- You wear many hats ...which is your favorite?

Dakota-All of them , i'm doing things i like ,things i need to do .

A.M.-You are involved in a project for autistic children ,tell me about that.

Dakota-Well ,this is my second year helping on a project to raise funds for autistic children in school ,to go on field trips .The Scream Extreme Haunt is something my son Wolf got me into, it's fun .I mainly take photos for them but get involved in other stuff too. Actually three of us from The Unit are doing that. Wolf and Kurt are doing walls ,acting and a lot of stuff . It's for a good cause .It opens in October at Scandia Fun Center.

A.M-I've been told you are an alternative Christian-what does that mean?

Dakota-Well, it pretty much means i'm not really involved in an organized religion and believe in a mixture of spiritual things ...and it's a bit complicated and yet it's simple . And really ,i'm just still a student ,an explorer.

A.M. -You were taught by a shaman weren't you?

Dakota-Oh ,yes ...but i'm not a Shaman ...i've been fortunate to have studied under several wonderful people. 

A.M-Is it true you have psychic abilities?

Dakota-Oh my more than most people! No .We all have some psychic moments in our lives,some more than others. 

A.M-But you are very sensitive...very intuitive .

Dakota- No more than you or anyone i'm sure. We all have intuition mother did . It's built in...perhaps some listen to it more than others .

A.M-What do you think of Sylvia Browne , John Edwards and others like them?

Dakota-I think some have a gift ...perhaps ...and some are frauds. I think some of them may be misled by bad spirits . I believe if one has that kind of gift they would help people for no outrageous profit or for fame. Most of it ,really ,is a con game and it's hurting people .Most psychics are fakes . 

A.M.- They are popular and are raking in the money, at least they are entertaining. Isn't that really the idea?

Dakota- They are deceiving people for profit. Psychics,mediums ...they are scam artists .And -i think people are catching on- i hope so.

A.M-Some police use psychics to help solve crimes don't they?

Dakota-Some have called in psychics and a few have seemed to help . And they don't charge for this ,i believe. 

A.M- I agree very few of them are real ,and never 100 per cent right. It's amazing what people will fall for and spend money on. Do you believe in Karma?

Dakota- Absolutely...yes.

A.M-The Unit doesn't charge a fee ,correct?

Dakota - No we don't ,we are a community service.

A.M-Are you looking for new members ?

Dakota- Not actively no, not right now. Actually though, we need a another driver ,who can drive a stick, can you drive a stick? 

A.M-I can drive a stick ...but I'm bad on clutches. Thanks for the chat Dakota(h) 

 Dakota-Anytime ...but not soon.LOL.