Harmful Spirits In Our Lives

by Dakota

It's hard enough to live day to day in this world even with just natural ,"normal" stresses and pressures and depressing events . Add to it the negative spirits that surround us ,even unknowingly -and it's no wonder we reach a breaking point ,no wonder our families are "dysfunctional"  and much seems out of our control. We are not always aware of the harmful , negative spirits that share our  spaces and confuse us, tear us down,personally and as a family unit but we feel the effects. Demons are non-human spirits who can appear in any form ,even human -like form .They will appear  as ghosts to confuse us ,and often have a bad smell about ,like sulphur . A demon haunting is not uncommon .Not all demon hauntings are "possession" ,but can be very serious. This subject is a source of disagreement among some paranormal groups ,some preferring to not deal with it and it is understandable .  You can not destroy demons ,and it is not easy to get rid them of them,but yes ,you can. 

In  paranormal investigating we know that not all hauntings are "ghosts" but most are demonic activity or "bad spirits" ,not to the level of "The Exorcist" or possession-but negative and certainly spiritually harmful. What some  may laughingly refer to as "gremlins",(i've been known to blame the "gremlins")- but in truth  they are not so funny . As a Christian and a paranormalist I believe in demons .I know the word "demon" is unsettling to many and visions of The Exorcist or The Amityville Horror come to mind . Those types of situations are to the extreme and most people will not see those type of horrible events in their lifetimes . Any demon attack of any nature can  be harmful .It can even happen through a nightmare , something that has happened to me personally on more than occasion. No one is immune to the attacks of a bad spirit.

Negative spirits are real ,not always seen but certainly felt,as mentioned before ,even to the point of illness ,physical and mental. It's not always clear how we attract the demonic activity ,various theories to that of course,including Ouija boards. We can rid ourselves of it , with the help of paranormal investigators ,(or demon-hunters) with prayer and a cleansing , talking with clergy,and counseling is often recommended as well. Don't expect it to be a quick and simple process, it usually isn't.  If you are experiencing the effects of negative spirits in your life ,The Unit can help or refer you to those who can. It's important that you don't waste time in getting help, even if you aren't positive what is really going on. We do not perform exorcisms on people,but that's not likely to be needed . If an exorcism is needed we will help you find a qualified person,possibly your own clergy . Restoring harmony within yourself and your life is essential , first finding the root cause and then the correct method of setting things right . If we can help , let us know . For more information feel free to contact us.