Using the Internet For Research

Concept: Supporting a Claim With Evidence

For a claim to be persuasive, an arguement writer must support it with the most effective evidence that comes from a variety of credible sources. Credible sources are websites, reports, and articles developed by experts and journalists. If the arguement is effective the listener or readers will agree with the person's point of view. 

When using the internet to support your claim, one must be aware that not sources are credible. With so many people authoring websites and making claims it is easy to believe all that your read on the web.However,  a good researcher needs to use good research skills to find the best evidence to back their arguement. In this lesson you will be the detective to uncover the credible sources from the uncredible sources.

Step One: 
    Evaluating Websites: Click Here
    Review the Credible Sources on the Internet Handout

    With a partner complete Website Credibility Activity handout

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