Mrs. Cook's Classroom


How do we learn about the past?

I can distinguish between the past, present, and future and understand there is an order to events.
I can use a calendar to distinguish between weeks and months.
I can investigate my families history and tell a story about the past using sequencing.
I can identify various members and make connections about the present and past.

What does a sequence of events mean?


  1. Objectives: How do people earn money?
  2. Why does money make trading easier? 

Links to learning: 

Brainpopjr :how do people earn money and spend it?


People voluntarily trade because both sides benefit from the trade.
Money was created make trade easier.



Goods and Services: satisfiying a families wants and needs
  1. needs and wants can be satisfied by goods and services

  2. a good is something you can touch or hold

  3. a service is something that others do for you

1. Goods vs. Services Matching Game Drag the pictures to the correct column

2. Venn Diagram Comparing 2 jobs Drag the words to the correct circle

3. Match People to their service Drag the people to the service they perform

4. Compare Goods vs. Services Drag the people to the correct circle

5. Excellent Economics 1st Grade SOL webpage Activities, tests, lesson plans etc.

6. Excellent Interactive Webquest SOL 1.7 Learn about goods and services as well as interact by typing or choosing answers to questions along the way

Interactive sites to try

1. Draw and Write Activity Print this pdf and fill in the blanks

2. Josh has Many Wants Story Read this story to your students

3. Josh Decides to Spend Read this story to your students