8-24-10 Special Meeting

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Meeting Time & Location: 9:00-10:00 AM, District Office - Conference Room

Purpose of Meeting: To coordinate activities and resources associated with this year's Parents Night.  We will include information and resources and in some way kick off a year long focus on Digital Citizenship & Safety in conjunction with this event (for all K-12 students and families).


ATTENDING: Maegan Haney, Wendell Oppewall, Diane Helprin, Scott McFarland, Beverly Locke, Rick Barter, Mark Arnold, Cindy (Teacher Leader - Trenton?)

Parent Meeting - Planning Meeting

August 24, 2010

Date(s) for Parent’s Night
Tuesday, September 14 (8th)
Wednesday, September 15 (7th, 6th)

MLTI Parent Meeting Agenda
  1. Welcome: Quick introduction to the laptop program and the impact that it is having in education: Scott
  2. Overview of the laptops and the programs (History): Rick
  3. Digital Citizenship & Safety (Handouts... Common Sense Media - Parent Contract ): Maegan/Beverly
  4. Content Barrier or Parental Controls: Wendell
  5. Family Responsibilities/Student Responsibility/Care/Use Form: Cindy
  6. AUP, Discipline Rubric, Sign-Off Form (Paper Work): Scott & Dianne
  7. Proper care of Mac books/battery, Moisture sensors, financial responsibility in cases of neglect: Scott
  8. Question session and have parents sign forms.

Current District AUP, Discipline Rubric, Laptop Care, Net Cetera Booklets, List of Students/Parents... to check off attendance.

Email Rick with any questions.... We will touch on this briefly during the next Tech Committee meeting on the morning of September 14th.

Rick, Elaine, Bev are going to be testing out Parental Controls... issues with https access on MLTI laptops.

Additional Topics

Melissa brought to the committee, Special Ed. interest in purchasing Solo 6 Literacy Suite from Don Johnston.  Money was available ($30k) to make a one time purchase of this software.  It was brought up at the last A-Team meeting and approved.

We talked about the importance of finding a way to think more upfront about such purchases, setting some criteria and process for planning ahead.... We will be doing this with our work on the Software Identification/Assessment/Evaluation process during meetings this year.

Since this situation calls for spending money “quickly” and we really don’t have much input to make in terms of this round of available funds.... we used it as a way to talk about the many facets of the Identification/Assessment/Evaluation process.  This is a very complex and is part of what we are planning to address in coming meetings this year.

*(8/4/2010) I have ordered 1000 Net Cetera Booklets and Bookmarks for all students in grades 5-12.  They have indicated these will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.  The FTC offers several other Internet Privacy & Safety publications for free, we should look at them and see if we feel these are useful resources or information to share in different ways with students/families/staff. (Matt... at the HS, some of these resources would be excellent for use in the Advisory periods or in Chip's class)

Please send Mark copies of any forms or documents that you intend to provide to parents/students during Parents Night or any forms or documents that you issue to parents or students related to Digital Citizenship & Safety (e.g. AUP, Publishing Consent Form, etc.)

Mark Arnold,
Aug 4, 2010, 8:18 AM