Eastern Maine Area School System is an Alternative Organizational Structure (AOS) formed by the towns of MSAD 30 (
Lee, Springfield, Webster, Winn), East Range II (Codyville and Topsfield), Baileyville, Cooper, Grand Lake Stream, Meddybemps, Princeton, Talmadge, Waite, Lakeville, Carroll PLT, Macwahoc PLT and Reed PLT under the 2007 State of Maine School Administrative Reorganization Law. The AOS 90 combines administrative, special education, and various other functions as required by law. Additional functions may be combined where cost savings can be found. Along with a combined AOS 90 budget and board, each member school unit retains a local budget and school board.

AOS 90 Central Office
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Bookkeepers - Secretary
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Administrative Assistant: 
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