Welcome to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Curriculum Connections:
Learning for the Students of the 21st Century.

Our First Priority

In the schools of the Archdiocese, our first priority is that teaching and learning reflects the values of our Catholic Faith.    As the diagram to the left indicates, faith formation and transformation are as important as the information we share with our students.  Our classrooms must be Christ-Centered.  In the area of academics, there are four major considerations:
  • Core Academic Learning in all content areas that make up the curriculum
  • Stretch Learning  which is a demonstration of rigorous and relevant learning beyond the minimum requirements;
  • Learner Engagement which indicates the extent to which students are motivated to learn, have a sense of belonging and have supportive relationships;
  • Personal Skill Development which includes personal, social, service and leadership skills and results in positive behaviors and attitudes.

This is the foundation of what is being shared with you in these pages.  For several years we have focused on the Understanding by Design framework in planning curriculum.  As Catholic educators our primary focus should always be on "Understanding by Divine Design."

The Rigor and Relevance Framework