Zeus Recorded Games

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Zeus Recorded Games



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Zeus Recorded Games

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Aom: Zeus compiles a small database of Zeus recorded games in both .rec and .rcx formats. This database features replays from only experts, they were all won by the Zeus player.



Vanilla Recs


Shini's Zeus vs Ra in Watering Hole

Zeus vs Hades greek warz. Loads of myths

Zeus - Odin - Ra in Anatolia vs Possy - Thor - Hades

Spoeft's survivig gold starve vs Thor - Water Map

Spoeft's Zeus vs Thor.. very gg - Savannah

Watering Hole, Zeus vs Thor

2074 Naraku Ptolemy Playing Zeus vs 1998 Isis - (Isis = Brolly I think)

Zeus beating Set

Zeus vs Odin in Watering Hole

Spoeft's Zeus vs Odin in Alfheim

2058 Naraku's Zeus vs Hades

Naraku's 2067 Zeus ...

Naraku's Zeus again, Medi .. vs Ra

Expert Zeus Warz .. Naraku's 2063 vs Arucard's 1972

Zeus on Isis.... Wat Hole

 Ptolemy vs Brolly in Savanna... Recommended

Zeus vs Poseidon in Watering

Zeus vs Isis , 1 hour long .. GG

Alfheim Zeus vs Isis 



Expantion Replays


Frost_Fio's Zeus Centaur Rushing vs Kronos in Alfheim

Naf_ Fionn rushing Kronos with zeus in Marsh

Fionn_Mc_Comhail Cent Rushing Hades in Tundra

Using Medusas in Watering Hole vs RA

2 TC Booming vs Ra in Tundra

Xpt_Higher vs Ra in Alfheim

1900 Zeus vs Oranos in Ghost Lake

2 vs 2 Zeus and Thor vs Loki-Thor. Map: Tundra

Zeus vs Set. Map: Marsh

Midgard. Zeus vs Ra. Nice Game.

Soup's Set vs Je1ani's Zeus in Medi !!!!!

AciD_Pielewieper vs Soup's Poseidon in Highland

vK_Canada vs Thor in Alfheim

vK_Suppe beating an Isis in Medi

Spoeft vs Kyu in Zeus wars. Map: Watering Hole Great Game by 2 extremely good experts

Zues Warz in AlfheiM

Zeus vs Thor. Shows how to use Athena

Peacing Ancests with Zeus in Medi vs Isis

 Zeus in Marsh vs Isis

 Spoeft's Ra being beaten by a Zeus smurf