Zeus, the best of the Greek Gods?


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Zeus, the best of the Greek Gods



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Zeus, best of the Greek Gods

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Zeus is often considered the best of the Greek Gods.


When I r noob was asked about this he said: "Zeus and Hades are pretty much equal, and Poseidon is #3 of the Greeks. But if I really had to answer this question with "Zeus", "Hades" or "Poseidon" (which I rather don't, because Hades/Zeus is pretty much equal but oh so different) I would have to say Zeus is #1.""


A detailed explanation on the exact why :


Zeus gets:


God power: Bolt
Basically, this mean's you're opponent usually won't go SoO (so they don't get the mummies - egyptians only threat to collosus).

Loki players may avoid nidhogg, meaning they won't gain access to all powerful giants. And if you see your norse opponent's starting ulfsark building a house, bolting it will crush him for the moment. Bolting a roc with units inside is devastating to an eggy player. Finally, it means that
you win all titan battles

Zeus's unique tech, Olympic Parentage gives you a nice health bonus to already powerful greek heroes. This shouldn't be researched in earlier ages, but is the perfect thing for mythic.

Now for the hoplite bonus.. you get hoplites that move faster, and have a bonus vs buildings.

I think using hoplites to raid as zeus is actually alright sometimes. They have an alright speed, and will be able to take down houses/towers if needed, unlike horses.

Zeus's real strength lies in Mythic age. Like all greeks, he is able to go Hephaestus, an extremely strong minor god for mythic age.

The ability to make collosus is a good one. This can be the key to killing the dreaded egyptians, as collosus have high pierce armour and hitpoints, which makes priests semi-useless against them. Zeus can spam collosus easily, because of bonus's to both how fast he gathers favor and how much he can hold.

His other strength in mythic age is his myrmindons. They have a bonus vs buildings, and all non-greek soldiers. Plus, with beast slayer, they also counter Myth units. Combined with full armory upgrades (cheap from hephaestus) they are an almost unstoppable killing machine.


Last, but not least, bellerophon. Often regarded as the strongest greek hero, it will do serious damage to eco, or the opponents army.