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How to win with Zeus. Strategy, features guides and analysis;there is also a small recopilation of strategies experts use with Zeus to win vs. other civs and Gods.

 Guides to Zeus out there

 This sections provides you with the best guides, analysis and strats to Zeus.

How to beat other Gods as Zeus


Fighting Poseidon (spoeft)

Up at 4.30 and make 2 centaurs, upgrade them and keep raiding and dodging his heroes

Upgrade towers, do crenelations and make some more centaurs, you need 3 groups of 2

Keep raiding and if he attacks just run home, you have waay more speed so it's easy to catch up and kill his full army

Then boom and start adding in normal army

What to do Vs Thor (spoeft)

On high hunt maps do mino rushes, example rec below.

Adding more toxotes can improve the strategy, it may depend on how much hunt there is on the map, here is a 2nd example of it.

Minor Gods vs every civ and a basic strategy (i r noob)

I used to go Athena vs everything except Set, now I go Hermes vs literally everything but Loki vs who I just spam hoplites from 3 rax and watch him die.

Basic strat would be 2TC. Zeus 2TC > Everything if played correctly (exception: Atlantean bs, 50/50 and vs krush you will probably die).

There are many ways of playing but I go 2TC Hip/Cent vs virtually everything. I either decide to grab TCs and get 4v2 TC advantage really fast, then spam techs or I decide to stick with 2 TCs and only get Spirited Charge/Sylvian Lore with a semi-FM through Hephaestus. I usually go Apollo to upgrade my Centaurs but if you feel Hydra/Tox is better go for it by all means.

Mythic god is dependant. If you have chosen for grabbing TCs and spamming upgrades go Hera and switch to something gay, like Hip/Medusae (btw get Monstrous Rage ASAP, Centaurs do like 16 pierce or 17) with ranged siege.

Lightning Storm = excellent counter to Ragnarok, too. But Hyps will do too. Don't be scared to use Ceasefire for grabbing a TC right after you've hit Classical as Hip/Cent gives you a lot of flexibility so he will never be able to use Flaming Weapons without you running away except for Rag and by this time you will either be in Mythic for a long long time (semi-FM) and have all armory and probably finished him before this (or have Titan out if you swing that way) or you will have such an advantage you can take his Rag. The second "either" part is that you up around his time and cast Lightning Storm over his Rag.

Fighthing vs Ra's Rocs and locust swarm (i r noob)

 Counter with 2 TC Hip / Cent.


Going Myrmidons vs a Greek PLayer

The only reason to use them is if the other greek player masses MUs, so you could use Beast Slayer. Try to avoid using them for any other purpose.