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Building Orders


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Building Orders often need to be

modified depending on the civ you face and the map you are playing.




Zeus Basic BO for high hunt:

  • 5 food, get HD as soon as granary is finished.
  • 2 wood, build house, 1 more wood. 3 gold.
  • Build temple ASAP.
  • Vills to food until you have about 9 there.
  • Build 2 stables, and aq hips. build more stables/archery ranges as your eco can afford it.

*Advance through hermes, Athena when vs norse.

*When vs norse. raid with cents.

*Go very MU heavy vs atty.



Zeus 4:30ish Fast Classic (Ishindar)

  • 5 vills go hunting
  • 2 to wood
  • 2 vills gold
  • 1 wood
  • 3 more to food
  • 1 temple
  • 3 food
  • 1 gold

**up pop 20, hit classic at 4.30 **

*adjust your eco as u go up depending on what your particular intention is.



Zeus Centaur Rush BETA


  • H + v,v,v,v,v,v,v,v,v...
  • First 3 vills food.
  • Scout.
  • 3 more vills food.
  • Vill builds house, then temple.
  • Yet 4 vills more to food.
  • Stop vills until 400 food and advance. 
  • *While advancing move 9 vills to food and 1 to temple.* U should have 9 wood, 3 food, 2 praying.
  • After advance send 5 vills to food.

Zeus FH Water Scylla Spam

  •  3 vills make dock (aq fishing ships) then they go wood.
  • 4 vills food
  •  *do not forget houses and scouting*
  • 6 wood
  •  4 gold
  • a couple more to wood
  •  make a temple when you have the rescources. < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">
  • Age classical by hermes ( just in case )
  • keep building fishing ships,
  •   put your 4 food vills to gold,
  •  make 2 more gold vills
  • build armory,
  • 2 vills ( from < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">ur wood villies ) go praying,
  • Go heroic.
  • While aging build like 2 barracks, 1 stable and 1 archery range.
  • You should reach heroic around 7:20.
  • aq skylla's until you have like 3 -4 then something like 3 siege ships, and pwn the sea.
  • (Don't get housed, keep on building them!)
  • Aq vills on gold until you have like 15
  • Keep building fishing ships and houses.
  • This would also be a good moment to do the first fishing ship upgrade

 Zeus Basic Water BO (5:00 mins advance aprox)

  • 3 initial vilss go Food
  • Next vill goes to build dock then goes to wood.
  • 2 vills go to chop wood.
  • Send one more to food
  • 2 wood
  • 2 food
  • 2 wood
  • 3 food
  • 2 gold

I just added this BO and have yet to test it as I just got it from "Slovenec" in this thread.   I'd try to build my dock with one of my 3 starting villies instead of using the 4th one and modify it a bit...

I'll try this and modify it adding when to build houses (for people that preferr such specific BOs) and stuff...


Zeus FM BO

I just add this heading to answer the many mails of people asking me for a FM BO and I'll tell u something:

There is not such a thing as a FM BO.

Keeping a BO post-classic is a nightmare because u are usually microing many more things (GP's, more villies, building raxes, armory upgrades, defending raids, etc...); imagine keeping one till mythic age! 

When doing FM strat u should mostly improvise keeping in mind that; u should buy a late classical with all the first eco upgrades, choose defensive GP's (CF -> x -> Plenty Vault ..preferrably) and reaching mythic age near the 10 mins mark (sometimes trading in your market to get the 1000 food and 1000 gold u need).

Remember also not to do this agasint rushing gods (loki, set, kronos mostly) and to execute it only when u have a big gold mine near to you (if not are just going to be gold starved) and in high hunt or high fishing maps...