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Underground Vocabulary


Aom: Thor Home

Aom: Loki Home

Aom: Zeus Home

Mini Aom: Isis Home















Underground vocabulary for Aom. Arranged in aphabetical order.

Aom Abbreviations


2,4: a very famous error that makes your rating to be stucked.

AoC: Age of Kings: The Conquerors expansion pack

AoK: Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings

AoM H: Aom Heaven

AoM: Age of Mythology

AoT: The Expansion, The Titans

Atls: atlanteans

Atties: Atlanteans

boom: Fosucing in economy expansion and leaving military for later

DM: Deathmatch

Eggies: Egyptians

eggy: egypt

ES: Ensemble Studios

ESO: Ensemble Studios Online

FH: Fast Heroic

FM: Fast Mythic

FT: Fast Titan

FU: Fully Upgraded (i.e. FU ulfsarks)

FW: Flaming Weapons/Fimbuluwinter

GP: God Power

HG: Heaven Games

LoS: Line Of Sight

Meatshield: Units placed infront of archers or ranged units to take the enemy attack. IE. Hippikons w/ Toxotes

MU: Myth Unit

OOS: Out Of Syncronization

OP: Over powered

possy: poseidon

Rax: Barracks

RM: Random Map (or supremacy for deathmatchers) [thnx sunshine]

Smurf (as a verb): Playing vs players with far lower ratings than that of the smurf. (making them loose terribly lol)

Smurf: Good players that create new nicknames, thus having ratings far lower han their real rates.

TC: Town center

TFT: Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne expansion pack.

TT: Aom + Titans expantion pack

UP: Under powered

WC3: Warcraft 3

WW: Walking Woods god power




Micro: Micro stads for Micromanagment. Microing inside Aom means to give orders to individual or small group of units instead of giving the same orders to big groups of units (macroing). Microing results always in more efficient processes but requires a lot more time than macroing as well.


You know that when your hunters shoot at a deer, the animal will run. After the deer died, moving your ox-cart near to the corpse to save walk time from your hunters is and example of microing.


Microing in battle is extremely important too. If you had 5 TA vs 5 TA, theory says they would all kill each other. Microing changes results, if the first group of Ta shot 1-1 (each one of the first 5 Tas would fire at different TAs in the other group) and the second group fired one by one ( the whole group vs one opponent's Ta, then the next one, and so on...) the second group would win easily.


In AOM combat, you should always micro your units to kill their counters. Meaning, calvary should fight archers, heroes should fight Mus, siege should kill buildings and so on...


**Some Micro Tips**


  Units abbreviations


TA:Trowing axeman
SoO: Son of Osiris
RC:Raiding cavailry
TC:Town center
CA: Chariot Archer
Hipp: Hippokin
Hop: Hoplite
Hyp: Hypaspist
FB: Fishing boat
tox: toxotes
pelt: peltast
prod: prodromos
myrm: myrmidon


Forum Abbreviations


lol: laughing out loud
lol: lots of laughter
lmao: laughing my ass off
lmfao: laughing my fucking ass off
rofl: rolling on floor laughing
roflmao: rolling on floor laughing my ass off
roflmfao: rolling on floor laughing my fucking ass off
omg: oh my god
omfg: oh, my fucking god
stfu: Shut the Fuck Up
wtf: What the Fuck
wtfe: what the fuck ever (whatever)

newbie: new forumer
oldie: old forumer
btw: by the way
spam: publicity, useless topics or replies with no good intentions
spammers: the people that posts useless topics or replies
flaming: insulting someone
flamer: a person that insults someone
wat: what
r: are
u: you
IMO: in my opinion
IMHO: in my humble opinion
n00b: A newbie
RTFM: Read the fucking manual
h4x0r: A hacker
l33t: Elite

supa: super
iirc: if I recall/remember correctly