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Example Thor Replays




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Exmple Thor Replays

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This is a recopilation of Thor replays so that you don't have to keep searching them trough the web. All of them were won by Thor experts... They were all taken from Age Sanctuary.com...




Aom Replays

3 vs 3 all 1900+ players, Thor is in both teams...

Thor vs Ra, classical fighthing...

Yogie's Thor vs a Zeus

Another Yogie's Thor vs Zues

Thor wars on medit ...

Yet more Yogie's... this time vs Odin

Vs Isis

Aol Speft's Thor in action

Thor vs Isis ... Alfheim

Thor vs Poseidon... anatolia

Yogie vs Spoeft - Oasis, goes until Mythic...

Beating Spoeft's Rush - Closer I could get to repealing a rush...

Repealing Loki with Thor too (Oasis) - Similar

1 hour long Thor warz

Booming on Anatolia vs Poseidon

Watering Hole vs Isis

Defending vs Odin

Thor vs Ra in Anatoila

Beating Zeus in Savannah

Krt Phil's Thor vs Spoeft's Zeus in watering Hole

I_am_NOT_Starsky (Spoeft) vs Won_Xtinction in Mediterrain.rec

Inch_allah vs MMC_StarSky -  Classic, poseidon vs thor, hippikon vs rc, Flaming Weapons vs Bronze smile.gif

Spoeft's vs Hades

Funny Ptolomy Game

Lokish Thor


AOT Replays

Thor warz, 18++ level

 Vs Loki in Watering Hole

Thor vs 18++ pOSSY

Medi Thor

Spoeft's Thor mauled by Infrared's in Oasis

Infrared__'s Thor in Medi cool game

Thor vs Possy again

Teamed game, Thor-Possy v.s. Set-Isis

 Raiding a lot. Possy vs Thor in Oasis

Thor vs Isis In migdard - Battle vs Ellie rush + A/E

Vs Ra in Highland

 KRT DETROIT'S Thor winning Killerboy's Loki in Medi!!

*Teamed* Isis-Thor vs Isis-Thor, both Thors 19++

Two Smurfs playing Thor in Oasis

In Marsh, Thor vs Oranos

Savannah, Thor vs Oranos

Spoeft's Hegemonie beatin' Isis in Oasis

Spoeft rokin' vs another Isis in Anatolia

Yet more Spoeft vs Isis - Gold controlling in Tundra 

20++ Thor beating an Acid member's Loki in Anatolia - GG