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Building orders are often tagged as the wrong thing to do. IMO they can give you a nice start at least. All of these Bo's are basic build ups, to use them properly, you will have to adapt them to the map type, opponent and stuff.


Thor Basic Land Bo

  • Cast dwarven mine (DM)
  • 2 beginning dwarves on it
  • Que up 5 gatherers for food.
  • Ulf builds a house next to tower.
  • Hunting dogs in ox cart and send to hunt
  • Ulf scouts
  • Kill two non-aggressive or one aggressive animal to get 1 favor.
  • As soon as you have 1 favor do pig sticker in your ox
  • By this time your ulf shouldve scouted towards the middle, 
  • gatherer wood
  • ox wood
  • gatherer wood
  • gatherer wood or food
  • dwarf to dwarven mine
  • Ulf should now be building a temple rather forward,
  • dwarf gold
  • ox gold
  • dwarf gold
  • 3 dwarves on the dwarven mine to mine after they deplete DM.
  • dwarf to hunt
  • dwarf to wood
  • dwarf gold
  • Adcance


Thor Basic Water BO (DeathAndPain)

As Fast as you can: 

  • Queue up 5 vills and 2 dwarves
  • Set the rally point of your TC to the nearest straggler.
  • Send initial dwarves and ox to the straggler but cast Thor mine at your TC anyway.
  • Position your initial cart at the straggler.
  • Waypoint your dwarves from the straggler to your Thor mine.
  • Use your Ulf to make a dock and a house after it.
  • Ulf explore.
  • Make a second dock once you can afford it. Needless to say that you make fishing boats as quickly as possible.
  • Send your 5 queued up vills to wood (first straggler, then regular wood.)
  • Send your 2 queued up dwarves to gold (Thor mine, then regular mine) so that you end up having 4 dwarves on gold.

 Then keep on with:

 Keep dwarves aq-ed in your TC. Send them to wood.

  • Make a cart for your dwarves once your Thor mine is running low. (food came from fishing)
  • When you see you are near to hit the 400 food, send some dwarves to gold (to buy temple).

 Fast Simple Classic Advance (DeathAndPain)


  • Initial 2 dwarves to Thor mine.
  • Get Hunting Dogs and Pig Sticker
  • 6 gatherers with your initial ox cart-> hunting.
  • 3 gatherers with a new cart -> wood
  • dwarves with a new cart -> gold until you begin your advance
  • Make temple as soon as you get 80 wood.
  • Make one more house while you advance.


All Dwarf Build Up (Not Recommended) (Link)




Repelling a Loki Rush in High Hunt


  • Cast dwarven mine (DM).
  • Initial dwarves to it.
  • Que up 5 gatherers.
  • Get hunting dogs in ox cart and send it to hunt
  • Send the 5 vills to hunt
  • As soon as you have 1 favor from shooting at the deers research pig sticker.
  • Build house.
  • **Start building temple around this point**
  • 2 vills to wood.
  • dwarf and ox to nearest gold mine
  • As soon as Dm is depleted, send initial 2 dwarves to the gold mine too.
  • dwarve to gold.
  • another dwarf to gold (gives you 5)
  • dwarf to food
  • dwarf to wood
  • **You should start advancing between 3.05 and 3.10 **
  • While advancing keep making hersirs.
  • As soon as you hit classical make all your guys build 1 longhouse.
  • Let the barracks make nothing but ulfs till you run out of food.
  • Attack his Forward Base (your ulf should have located it by now).
  • When his houses are down, you can make more barracks and finish the temple.
  • **In nilla almost always go for freyja, tt other way around**
  • **Don't do pickaxe and handaxe as they cost too much food and wood**

Alternative Land High Hunt BO (Sam_Ham)


  • DM next to TC.
  • Starting dwaves to it.
  • Send Ox cart to hunting, research HD.
  • 7 vills to hunting.
  • Gather 1 favour by killing two non-aggressive or one aggressive animal asap and get pig sticker.
  • vill to wood
    ox cat to wood
    3 vills to wood
  • 4 dwarves to gold
    ox cart to gold
  • 1 vill to wood and 1 to food

**In archaic, have your ulf scout around.

**Build the temple in the middle of the map vs less aggressive civs. You should build it as soon as you have the res.**