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Rushing with Loki is an art. The main idea of any rush, with any god, is to attack really really  early. So early that the rushed guys wont even have an army to defend themselves.

Loki's Hersir rush is called like that because it is done mainly with hersirs obviously. Generally these Norse heroes are not efficient pop or cost wise vs anything but mythic units. Tough, Loki's rush is based in the fact that Loki's Heroes spawn Myth Units while fightingand that gives you a great advantage, specially in early game.

So what you want to do while Loki Hersir rushing is to produce a ton of hersirs and go really early too kill some enemy villagers or towers and start creating Mu's (we specially want Enherjars here) to start getting a solid advantage over our opponent(s).

Start with a rushing building order, you will notice that any good rushing building order will focus more on food and gold that on wood, will make you place your temple around 3:00 and will take you to classical age trough Heimdall earlier than normal (this should be <4:30).

To correctly rush, your forward base should be near your enemy's base but not too obvious. If you can build next to their hunting do it. Dont forget to add houses consistently.

Meawhile you're advancing , temple(s) produce more hersir and send them to raid. Go attack their villies as long as you are safe, dont attack under Tc or tower fire and try to molest every single vilie you can. Be carefull tough, 5 villies mining can turn and fight and kill your 2 hersirs for example... Make Enhjerjars when you can (these are your siege).

Add hersirs to the raids as you produce them. Your main objective is to force your enemy to stay under their Tc coverage for ever meanwhile you make more and more soldiers leaving you the whole map to hunt and gather gold and wood.

Tips here:

  • Keep scouting the map, the mines and hunting areas, you dont want sneaky villagers gathering any resources. If you find them, go kill them.
  • Make houses dont forget them and be stuck with the same amount of army or villies.
  • Keep your base producing villagers and dwarves.
  • Undermine gold tower if molesting your raiders.
  • As Loki it is often a good idea staying in classical and making your enemy stay in classical too.
  • Mass Enherjars.
  • If you get a valkire, use it! Heal any wounded soldiers.

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