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All of these replays were played and won by great Loki players; this way you dont need to search for ages trough internet forums for them. They were originally taken from Age Sanctuary


**Download the last killerboy's replays pack.**


Aom Replays

2008 Loki vs Thor (!!!)

Loki Warz, good to learn

Red Flag Loki (19+)

Loki (spoeft) vs Isis

Loki vs Set >:-)

Anatolia, Loki vs Set

Loki Warz, AOM RIP tournament Finalz

Loki Vs Poseidon

Deathmatch between 2 top 10 players (felt like uploading it)

Vs a Set

18++ game: Loki vs Poseidon... much raiding

2 lokis vs 2 isis :D

2 vs 2 ... Loki in both teams, Mediterrain - Long and gg

Shini's Loki vs Isis in Savannah

Loki - Isis vs Zeus - Hades - Killerboy playing vanilla ft. Spoeft


 Aot Replays

Loki Heimdall Hersir Rush vs a 1850 Thor

Rushing a Thor in Medi hehe

LOKI warz both players 20++ at the time :D

Loki vs Isis, Loki being 1804 at the time

Loki vs Oranos

Loki Rushing vs an Isis in Oasis

Loki warz again

Loki Rushing a Ra in Oasis :-O

20++ Loki player in action (Ptolemy)

Loki vs Set in tundra

Loki Fming in Migdard vs a 18- Set

Just Loki vs Hades

More Loki Warz both players 19++ at the time (gg)

Another Loki vs Ra

Killerboy Loki vs Kronos!!

Rushing Isis >:-)

Killerboy vs Ra

Loki vs Isis in ANATOLIA

Savannah Loki vs Thor

Loki vs Soup's Poseidon

Loki vs Isis in Alfheim

Killerboy's Loki vs KRT'S Thor in Highland

RUshing Zeus in Tundra

Loki Vs Set in Tundra - BOTH PLAYERS 206+ !!!

*teamed* Loki-Zeus v.s. Loki-Kronos - Killerboy playing

Vk Suppe vs an 18++ Isis player Fast Mythic :-)

Nigam's Loki in Migdard vs Hades GG to watch

Loki vs Hades in Anatolia Recommended watch

Loki warz in Watering Hole Awsome Game by Firefox