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How does hersirs spawn Mus?



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I will be short here, so pay attention.

Apart from the usual favor pool norse players use to buy myth Units, Loki receives another pool. A special pool that is filled (theoretically) only when Hersirs fight.

Each time a hersir pops out from your temple, it is assigned with a random Myth unit (MU). The assigned MU may not be from an age above the one in wich  the hersir was made.

After fighting for a while, the hidden special pool is filled up and the first hersir to hack at something after this spawns next to him the MU he had assigned.

There is a restriction; no hersir can summon MUs during archaic age.

Hersirs can be assigned with MUs from other norse gods, as long as they're not from a superior age. I.E. A heroic hersir can be assigned with a frost gigant. This, because of Skadi  (a heroic god only available to Thor and Odin wich grants players the Frost gigant).

O CANADA bears and ragnarok Loki heroes can summon Mus too. Bad thing that u can only get them by cheating...