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 Building Orders


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This section compiles specialized Isis Building Orders for Isis.

Building Orders are often tagged as useless but I think they can be good and at least give you a nice start.







Isis Basic FH

  • 6 to hunting w/ pharoh (including the two starting)
  • Priest scouts (build obliesks)
  • 2 to gold (build mining camp)
  • 1 to house, temple, monument, rest of houses
  • keep adding to food unitl u can advance. (through Bast) (10-12 on food ideally)
  • Buy pickaxe during advance
  • After advance keep sending to gold.
  • Buy 3 priest. That along with starting priest and sphinx (in TT) is your defense force
  • At 10-12 gold vills, move pharoh to gold and then cast Prosperity.
  • Sometime around now move ur builder (altoguh he probably wont be done with houses yet) to an armory.
  • Use the gold from Prosperity to move hunters to farmings around home TC. If you haven't exhausted your huntables or herdables then keep using those and when they're gone move the vills.
  • Advance to heroic through Nepthys
  • Move your gold vills and pharoah to build a Migdol near a settlement or gold mine somewhere in the center.

4 Scorpio-man FH BO (i r noob's)

  • ASAP build first monument
  • 4 to food
  • 2 gold
  • Research HD when 90 gold
  • 3 food
  • 2 gold
  • 1 house, then monument, then wood
  • 1 monument help, then wood
  • 1 monument help, then wood
  • 1 wood (4w total)
  • 1 gold
  • Rest food till you can advance
  • Get Pickaxe ASAP

 Make sure to get Temple when you have 100g, then Flood of the Nile when you have 135g, then Husbandry when you have enough wood.


9m Semi Fast Heroic BO (WNxMythos)


·  Starting villes go food with pharoah, priest scouts

·  Research Hunting dogs

·  Next villager goes food

·  Next 2 villagers go gold

·  Next 2 villagers go Food

·  Next villager goes to gold

·  Next villager goes to food

·  Next villager builds a monument then builds houses around towers after that.

·  Next 2 villagers wood

·  Next 4 villagers go food

·  1 Gold villager builds a temple then goes back to gold

·  Next 2 villagers go gold

·  Next 2 villagers go food

·  Research Husbandry

·  Next 2 villagers go food

·  Get Flood of the Nile

·  Next 2 villagers go gold

·  Research Pickaxe


·  3 Gold Villagers make a Armory

If it's low hunt:

Don't use prosperity when going to heroic, you use it when you need to make farms so you have lots of gold for those expensive buggers. Armory


If it’s high Hunt:

Use Prosperity to get 1 Migdol and 1 Town Center and have extra gold for 1-2 Armory ups and military for in a bit.


Meanwhile Heroic Age researches:

Get Handaxe, and Adze of Wepwawet, if its high hunt get Shaft mine also, on low hunt foerget Shaft Mine for now.

Then 7 villes+pharoah make a migdol after your done with migdol put 6 of those villes to gold and put 1 to make a Siege Workshop.


Isis Water BO

  • Pharaoh and first initial vill go build dock. When it's done, build one house.
  • Second initial villie build granary.
  • First 3 vills from TC go food. (start producing fishing ships when dock is done)
  • 6 to wood.
  • 5 gold.
  • Rest on food.

**Make temple and monument when appropriate**