Welcome to the first community of AOM Gameranger gamers!

Here, you will find all tools you need to play age of mythology online and free.
It's not like ESO server but it's better than playing alone vs its own PC... there are many players from all over the world!

But the most interesting point is that you don't need to have an official AOM to play with us ;)
And it's really very easy, contrarly to hamachi...

On the screenshot below, you can see how fine is gameranger : you can join the room you want, see your friends, chat with them...
Here I was hosting a game and jake joined my room. When I clic "Start", gameranger launch both my game and Jake's one... so we don't have to enter any IP or something like that ;)

Getting started

1 - You have to download and install Age of Mythology and its Titans expansion (or directly Age of Mythology Gold edition).
      Look for it on emule or a torrent tracker (or here)... we don't care if the serial is unique or not ;)
      If you've not installed a gold edition, you'll need to update your aom titans (to ver. 1.03), just install this update : AOMX1.03.
      And for the AOM players (not Titans), update to ver 1.10, by launching aom.exe, clicking "More" then "Update". Or install this update : AOM1.10.

2 - Patch your Age of Mythology Titans with this aomx CRACK. You have to put the aomx.exe in the AOM folder (by default : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology).
      For the AOM players (not Titans), Take this aom CRACK.

3 - Once game installed, download and install Gameranger.
      N.B.: During Gameranger's setup, you will have to give a valid email to confirm your account.

4 - From now, it may work without additional configuration, but it's very rare... Try to join a game and play it, if it doesn't work, read on ;)

Any problem?

Read this only if you got problem to play online with gameranger
If you check all the following points, it will work for sure!

Point 1
When you host a game on Gameranger and you start it, AOM is automatically launched. Once in the game, you have to check your IP address at the top of the window.

The IP address displayed must be your public IP, otherwise it won't work!

How to know what's your public IP? Just go on whatismyipaddress website :)
If there is a wrong IP on AOM (for exemple, you got hamachi IP : 5.153.x.x), you will have to disable the connection providing this IP (in this case, Hamachi connection).
a-(XP) Open Control Panel and then Network Connections
   (Vista) Open Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage network connections.
b-Find the connexion that has the IP you've seen on AOM (Right clic on a connection, "Status", "Details", now check the IP Address)
c-Once the connection found, Right clic on this connection again, then select "Disable".

Restart Gameranger, host a game, start it and verify if the displayed IP is now your public one.

Point 2
If the IP problem has been fixed but you still can't play, you will have to configure firewall exceptions, as well on Windows firewall as in your personnal firewall if you got one.
For windows firewall,
a-Open Control Panel / Security center / Firewal exception
b- Check if age of mythology, AOM the Titans and gameranger are selected in the exceptions list, otherwise add them (add a programm, ...)

Make the same operation for your other firewall if you have one (for exemple Kapersky internet security or Kerio firewall...).

Point 3
If you have a router with your adsl modem, you will certainly have to open/forward a port.
Maybe this popup will be displayed when you try to host or join a game :

If you see it, clic learn more and do what's explained on the webpage.

But if you can't see it, don't worry, I'll give you the summary:

You have to manually configure your router to do port-forwarding for UDP port 16000. Ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or refer to your router's instruction manual for assistance here.

Port-forwarding tells the router to send the game communication data to your computer. The port-forwarding configuration page will ask you for a public port and a private port. Set both of those to 16000. In some cases, instead of asking for a public port, it will ask for a port range (eg. Start Port, End Port). Set the Start and End to 16000. It will also ask you for the IP address of your computer that the data should be sent to. It may call this the LAN IP, Local IP, or Private IP (For exemple, private IP can be 192.168.x.x). If it asks you for the protocol or type, set it to UDP.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer step-by-step instructions here as every router is different.

If you get any problem doing this, you can ask for free help to my website : PC Live Assitance.

More help and solutions here : http://aom-gr.forumotion.com/technical-help-f7/

See you in game,

RagenrOx ;)