The world knows American Online or AOL as a web portal that is a renowned online service provider. As it has its exclusive benefits, it also might suffer from some setbacks. There might be times when you’d face the “AOL Mail down” issue. There are several causes as to why you might experience this. But, like everything in life- with each problem comes its solution.

There might be times when you’ll be unsure if it’s just the AOL server or there’s some issue with your internet connectivity. You’d also find issues that might seem impossible to overcome. This read is to cater to issues like AOL Mail not working, AOL Mail problems, and to answer questions such as is AOL Mail down? Keep reading and we’ll help you resolve these issues.


As mentioned above, AOL Mail down issue has several different causes. It can also be said to be the AOL Mail login issues. It can be authentication errors, a blank screen display while attempting to sign in, AOL sign-in page missing, an error while loading the mailbox (when using a particular browser), and an outdated AOL Desktop gold. In this case, you have to first try to get the error in the AOL Mail page fixed and then the missing screen issue. But, other than, let’s talk about other common AOL Mail down issue:

  • AOL Email problems with sign-in

  • AOL not working on iPhone

  • AOL Down- Slow loading of page or Unresponsiveness

  • AOL not working while sending emails


Steps to resolve the AOL Mail sign-in issue (Forgotten password):

  1. Visit the AOL Login page> Enter your username> Select “Next”.

  2. Click on “I forgot my password”> Choose “Recover via Email Address”.

  3. Enter the verification code you received on your email account> Click on “Continue”.

  4. Set a new password> Re-enter it> Click on “Continue”.

Steps to resolve the not working ON iPhone:

  1. Go ahead and reset your network settings

  2. Activate and deactivate the flight mode.

  3. Install the AOL Application.

Steps to resolve slow loading of the webpage:

  1. Clear cache from your browsing history.

  2. Turn off the system anti-virus.

  3. Check your internet connectivity.

  4. Wait as the site server may experience hindrances.

  5. Use an up-to-date web browser.

Steps to resolve issues in sending emails:

  1. Reboot your system or device, after signing out of your account.

  2. Ensure good network connectivity.

  3. Choose a different browser than usual.

  4. Turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker.

  5. Ensure a clean browsing history.


  • Corrupted software program

  • Poor connectivity

  • Anti-virus and firewall approval

  • Cookies and cache

  • Malicious system infections

  • Not enough space

  • Issues with compatibility

  • Issues with the site server

  • Incorrect settings


This is another reason for you to face issues with AOL Mail. Here’s how you can fix the issue with the following recommended steps:

  • Updating your AOL password- You have to keep the third-party application updated with your password if changed.

  • Manage IMAP and POP settings- Configure IMAP and POP settings to be able to send and receive emails to your account on third-party applications.

  • Update your application- Only by using the latest version of the applications can you avoid further issues with the AOL Mail account.


AOL Mail login issues are very common and yet can be easily fixed. You might face difficulty in specifying why is your AOL Mail down. But, there’s no problem, that the above read won’t help you in fixing. There are several causes as to why you might face such issues, and AOL takes care of it all. It also, lets you use your AOL Mail account on third-party applications, and resolves issues, in case you get stuck with any. This is your one-stop guide to all the issues, but you can always go to AOL Support for any further help needed. AOL Mail down issues are very common, and this is your one-stop guide to including all the step-wise resolution procedures for every issue you face.

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