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27 March 2007 | Work in Progress

Well, I haven't had time for an update in a while. I'm now working on two unannounced Nintendo DS games. I hope to be able to post some screenshots here in the beginning of next month, they're coming along really nice :)

18 January 2007 | Sudoku for Kids Video

8 January 2007 | First update of 2007

Sudoku for Kids is for sale on Amazon:

Sudoku for Kids on Amazon

12 Dezember 2006 | Knytt

Just found this great little (free) game on the internet, check it out:

24 November 2006 | Sudoku for Kids

Added a section for Sudoku for Kids (PC) containing some screenshots of the final version. The link as usual is on the Projects section to the right.

4 November 2006 | Sudokids DS

Well, i'm off to console development. Since a week ago i've been working on a Nintendo DS version of Sudoku for Kids. It's coming along really nice and we're trying to take advantage of the hardware as much as possible (this is a Sudoku game after all :P ).

In other news, the PC version went Gold a few weeks back and is now in the hands of the publisher. Should be in stores soon and just in time for Christmas.

4 October 2006 | Workshop Update

Here are the slides i used in my workshop, a lot of stuff is not in here because it was meant to be mostly practical excercises. Note: everything is in Portuguese.

13 September 2006 | Workshop

I will be giving a workshop at Games 2006 in Portalegre, Portugal. You can check for more information and details of the event here :

21 July 2006 | Games 2006

Another screenshot update. This is a game i developed with a friend for the Games 2006 competition. It's a space shooter that i think has lot's of potencial for future development.

19 July 2006 | SudoKids

Here are some screenshots from the casual game we developed. It's a sudoku based game for children between 3-8 years old.

18 April 2006 | Page update

Added a demo video of some of the technology i developed for the Holy War project.

5 April 2006 | Casual Games

Our first commercial game is nearly ready. It's a casual game and had a really short development time, manly due to it's simple nature.

Casual games are a funny thing for game developers like us that spent the last few years playing almost everything on nearly every gaming platform released. Your first instict is to make it as big, challenging, and filled of bells and whistles as you can, but ultimatly that's not what your client wants. They want simple, clean and fast games that they can play on a coffee break. In the end, making a game like this gave us a new perspective on game development and on the "big" projects we are working on...

First Post...

Well, just opened my homepage, probably has a broken link or missing text somewhere but i'll finish it little by little...

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