The Association of Irish Floral Artists (AOIFA), which was founded in 1973, is the official organisation of affiliated Floral Art Groups and Flower and Garden Clubs in Ireland.  

SPEAKER'S Course 2024

Alan Beatty (NIGFAS} is considering holding a SPEAKER@S Course during 2024.                                                                                         He plans to commence with an informal zoom meeting on Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 7pm. A minimum of 2 Accredited days MUST be held. There will be other less formal training but it's hoped to do a lot of that by zoom. 

There will be a Mock test and Test.

So what is involved in the Speakers Course?

You need to be able to speak for 30 mins on a subject matter that MUST appeal to NAFAS/NIGFAS/AOIFA audiences.

The topic does not have to be flower related but it must interesting.

Presentation may be in one of two ways - power point OR with visual aids.

Research into the topic will be required.

The committee will advise of the cost of the course when numbers participating is known.

If this is something you may be interested in please email Alan ( alanwbeatty@gmail.com ) before 15th December with your chosen TOPIC and 5 or 6 HEADINGS/POINTS which you might use to develop your talk.

If you are not convinced that this test is for you, Alan says don't get stressed, just give some thought to the above and turn up on the 9th January. 

AOIFA Council Meeting 2023 -  see 'Gallery' for more photos

'Gold' for AOIFA at Bloom 2023

Congratulations to members of Co Wexford Flower and Garden Club as they collected their Bloom Gold medals for their winning exhibit 'High Rise Living' at Bloom 2023.

Margaret Ahern A.O.I.F.A. Demonstrator, shared several golden memories in her superb seasonal Gala demonstration titled 'Nostalgic Golden Memories of Christmas Past' following the Council Meeting.

Her opening exhibit was a heartfelt tribute to recently deceased past AOIFA President Una Fleming and was similar in design to one of the exhibits demonstrated by Una at the 11th WAFA World Show in Dublin in 2014.

More photos of Margaret's exhibits and of the Council Meeting are available under the 'Gallery' tab.

WAFA Board Meets in Tokyo

Kitty Gallagher Ireland, WAFA Chairman, with members of the WAFA Board in Tokyo.

Advanced Floral Art Course

Details  of the upcoming Advance Floral Art Course have been announced. 

The relevant registration form is available here and under 'FORMS' on this website.

Are you curious about this course? ... 

Is this course something you may be interested in?...

Why not come along to the free Information morning on Saturday 21st October 2023 when all your questions will be addressed.

'Aspiring to Inspire' at An Grianán

A wonderfully inspiring and creative weekend of fun, friendship and all things floral was held on the weekend of Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2023  in An Grianán.

A teaching demonstration by James Burnside wowed all who attended on Friday evening. Supplementary exhibits were provided by Eva Holmes (in her absence). A sample of the exhibits are presented below. Full album from the evening is available under the 'Gallery' tab above.

James Burnide

Eva Holmes

Dedication of the Very Rev William McMillan Memorial Garden

Elizabeth Murray, Ann Clifford and Christine Hughes at the unveiling of the memorial garden for Rev McMillan in Dunmurry , Co Antrim, on Saturday 10 June 2023. 

Sculpture created by Tim Mulchinock and his son.

Congratulations to NIGFAS on their Golden Anniversary. 

Christine Hughes, Ann Clifford and Elizabeth Murray had great pleasure in attending their celebrations on Saturday 10 June 2023 in Templepatrick.

AGM 2023

Cherie Nummy, NAFAS National Demonstrator and a member of NIGFAS wowed us with her demonstration titled "One for the Money" at our AOIFA AGM on 9 March.   Photos from the meeting and demonstration can be found here

AOIFA Council Meeting 2022

Eleven new AOIFA Judges were presented with their Certificates and Badges at the Council Meeting on Thursday 3 November 2022.  Pictured are the new Judges with the Judges Committee and Course Advisors.

New Vice-Chair Announced

Siobhan McInerney of Charleville Flower and Garden Club was introduced as the incoming Vice Chairperson.  Siobhan will join the incoming AOIFA Executive in March 2023

Pictured left to right: Ann Clifford, Current AOIFA Vice-Chairperson, Siobhan McInerney, Incoming Vice-Chairperson, Christine Hughes, Current AOIFA Chairperson

Gold Award for AOIFA at Bloom 2022

Sutton Floral Art Group created the  superb AOIFA exhibit for Bloom 2022 which was awarded a Gold Medal.  

Pictured Left to Right: Karen O'Farrell, Sutton Floral Art Group, Diane Gallagher AOIFA @Bloom Coordinator, Sharon O'Sullivan, Sutton Floral Art Group

Ali Dietrich wowed the audience with her delightful demonstration "The Nutcracker". Click for photos.

AOIFA National Competitions 2022

was held at the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway.  Photos of the creative work of our competitors including the Floral Artist of the Year and the Inter-club competitions can be viewed here





"Elements of Nature"

All classes are full and no further entries are being accepted 

The Australian Floral Art Association will host WAFA from 1st July 2024 to 30th June 2027.
The WAFA seminar will be held in 2025 and the WAFA world Show in 2027.

Official site for information: www.wafa-australia.org

Oman will host a WAFA Floral Event in 2024.

Kilkenny Flower Club 

Autumn 2022

As our season begins to change, the glorious colours of autumn are with us.

We reflect on what a lovely summer we have had.  The highlight for me was the AOIFA Flower Festival in Naas.
The whole weekend was terrific, the excitement on Thursday and Friday for the set up, arm-loads of plants and flowers being brought into all three Churches. You did yourselves proud! 

The exhibits were just beautiful - all around there was creativity in abundance. Thank you to everyone who took part, you made the weekend special.

Now our thoughts turn to the National Competitions and Social Weekend in Galway. While the hotel is fully booked there is accommodation available near the hotel. 

Competition classes are still open for entry, we have extended the closing date until Monday the 19th September, why not have a go? Our competitions secretary Paula Dowling would love to hear from you. The competition schedule may be downloaded from the AOIFA website.

Hot on the heels of the social weekend there is the council meeting on Thursday 3rd of November, where we will launch the Christmas season with what promises to be a wonderful demonstration, watch this space - no clues yet!

It is great to hear about all the clubs opening up and having all the various activities we do, it’s just good to meet up again.


2021 Virtual Poetry Competition

The results of the 2021 Virtual Poetry competition hosted by Bridget Morley are as follows:

1st Place: Emma Champ, Naas Flower & Garden Club
2nd Place: Nicola Desmond,  Kinsale Garden & Flower Club
3rd Place: Mary Cowhig, Owenabue Flower and Garden Club

“Wait till I tell you what’s been going on,”
he slumps in his nest of a chair,
clutches the cigarette, places the lighter in his lips.
The goings-on are from forty years prior,
but I still want to hear them.
Time shared multiplies, and I’ll take all I can get.

Shades of him pepper my habits now -
cold coffee forgotten on the mantlepiece,
appreciation for a good woollen jumper.
Waning comprehension of the world beyond,
but still understanding me better than anyone.
My name is lost to time, my heart is not.

- Emma Champ, Naas Flower & Garden Club

Wait till I tell you what's been going on,
In the last 18 months all normality's gone.
Instead, our lives have become very strange,
The Covid pandemic has caused such a change
When the virus arrived, in a rather odd caper
Some people began bulk-buying loo paper.
Though grocery shopping was once a chore,
It's more entertaining than before,
For since Covid-19 came
It's turned into a guessing game.
Since most people wear a mask,
What was once a mundane task
Has become weekly puzzle,
"Name the face behind the muzzle!"
In a life without Covid, 'would be my first task
To go out and burn this thrice-cursed mask.
I'd place it on top of a funeral pyre,
Then gleefully watch the flames leaping higher,
In the last 18 months, I've become it's despiser,
How I long for a time without this damned visor!

Mary Cowhig - Owenabue Flower and Garden Club

Wait till I tell you what’s been going on….
So, let’s go back it won’t take long, a little adventure we did take and off to India we did make
On return oh what a surprise to be greeted by hand sanitiser and masks alike
Confined to our homes, no clubs could meet, Eileen O’Brien online sure no one could beat,
Then the call came no show, in the field we can’t go, get the classes together and online we will go
We’ve zoomed in and out, gone live and recorded, but without doubt our friendships survived it.
So, the vaccines delivered the doors are reopened, were back to the meetings the dems and the teachings
So, lets rally the troops from Malin to the Old Head and descend on the west and do what we do best.

- By Nicola Desmond, Kinsale Garden & Flower Club

At some point over recent months all of you have expressed some degree of interest in the NAFAS Speakers test and I've had a number of enquiries as to what is involved.

For those who have been through Judges training I can promise that this is not nearly so demanding!

I plan to commence with an informal zoom meeting on Tuesday 9th January at 7pm.

We MUST have a minimum of 2 Accredited days. There will be other less formal training but I will try to do a lot of that by zoom.

There will be a Mock test and Test.

I would hope to conclude the test in 2024

Until I know how many of you plan to proceed the committee will not be able to prepare a budget, but I hope that after our zoom meeting in January we can do that.

After that date I will have an idea of how much research/work you all have done and will then plan the training and test dates accordingly. At this stage I'm hoping to hold off the 2 Accredited days until late April onwards at the earliest to help those who may be travelling long distances, and try to conclude before this time next year.

What's involved in The Speakers Test

You will need to speak for 30 minutes on a subject of your choice .

You may present in one of two ways - using power point OR with visual aids. ( Obviously if using power point you will need to be fully au fait with using it)

The subject matter does not have to be flower related but MUST appeal to NAFAS/

NIGFAS/AOIFA audiences

Please think about a topic to speak on. It needs to be -


MEATY - (30 minutes) 

If it's something/someone you have a real interest in and can find plenty to research you're half way there. If you are enthusiastic for your subject that enthusiasm will show.

Can everyone please do the following -

1. ASAP acknowledge this email so that I know I have the correct email addresses

2. Let me know if this date suits - I'm hoping that by choosing a date early in the year activities will not have started up. It will be great for all of you to be together so that everyone receives exactly the same information and you will all learn from each other as you question and discuss - so, PLEASE it is in YOUR interest to try to be available if at all possible.

3. C

For those not yet convinced that this test is for you - please don't get stressed, just give some thought to the above and turn up on the 9th

Best wishes,


Area Speakers Rep.