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Team Academy

Train site for Sweden:

Arrival at Bergåsa station (A)
or Centralstation (C)

The training takes place in the "Rotundan" of the Blekinge Institute of Technology (B)

  • the hosting team

Toke Paludan Møller
Since the early ‘70s I’ve been experimenting with organising, designing and hosting facilitated and self-organising processes, deep dialogues, large-scale conferences and
numerous strategic conversations in all types of communities and organisations. The focus is on renewal and the way we lead ourselves and work together in order to collectively find wiser and sustainable solutions to problems that matter at this time. In the past six years we have worked with longer, in-depth, engagement processes and participatory leadership training, supporting large-scale change in systems all over the world and most recently in the European Commission. I choose consciously to co-create, co-learn and co-operate with bold people, leaders, companies and organisations that want to explore and take responsibility for needs and possibilities at this time both in global and local contexts.

Tenneson Woolf    Utah,,
I am a practitioner of change and group process artist. I am dedicated to what is possible when we explore the heart of our work and the edges of our communities. I use participative leadership methodologies, maps, and models as strategy to create helpful meetings an inquiries. I have hosted interactive processes at large conferences, worked with many teams, and coached many individuals in diverse organizations—from hospitals to financial planning associations, from universities to faith communities, from corporate clients to labour unions. I am a steward of two communities of practice: The Art of Hosting and The World Café. I work locally with The Salt Lake Centre for Engaging Community supporting and designing local dialogues on living in healthy community. 

Rowan Simonsen   Denmark & UK,,
I am a Kaospilot, founder of Upstream Consulting and a father. I have worked with process design and facilitation for the last four years, engaging both public and private organizations. I am driven by a love for nature, a fascination of new media and calling to host conversations that matter - to help people learn, grow and connect to their own core, collective wisdom and potential - and sustaining it over time. My background is in business administration, and development projects.

Valentine Giraud
I am a clown under construction, a butterfly by nature, a traveler by option, a dancer by origins and a host for meaningful conversations by passion. In the heart of my work in the world is my will to create spaces for people to be creative and spontaneous, to engage with one another, to manifest their full potential and to see beauty and possibilities in what's around us.
For the past 3 years I've been hosting group processes for different communities, social organizations and companies using deep-dialogue, participatory, co-creative and artistic approaches, in Brazil and other countries. I am also a co-creator of the youth leadership program Butterfly Connection.

Augusto Cuginotti   Brazil & Spain,
I am a MSLSer and a learning host. My passion lies on creating learning spaces for me and others that can express elegant energy in this world. I'm curious about how we can design the social systems we live in and also harmonize with greater systems. I am currently engaged with the Appreciative Inquiry network and with an international leadership retreat called the Butterfly Connection. I live in Barcelona where I am learning to tap dance, practicing Aikido and studying Raja Yoga.

Julie Arts   Belgium
I am a consultant, working in organisations, facilitating small and bigger transitions. My clients are evolving from a merely controlled and closed entity, towards a more open system, connected to itself and its environment. This evolution requires new organisational principles and values, new knowledge/competences and leadership, new ways of cooperation with the environment and of valuing. In a co-creative process with my clients, I journey with them through this chaordic process of change.
Some domains of interest: collective intelligence; hosting dialogues; organisational principles; emergence; sustainability; Middle-East

Jasmine Cargill   New Zealand,
I've been participating in circles and open space gatherings for over
5 years, and organising events and hosting meaningful conversations
for the last 2 years. I'm passionate about community in its many
forms, social and economic justice, ways of living that honour life
and wholeness, and using the creative arts in social innovation. My
background includes working in theatre, community development and
sustainable business. I am an organiser for Intersect - a New Zealand
based networking fostering active citizenship, sustainability and

  • the organizing team

Kati Aroha Thompson
Liher Pillado Team Academy
Benjamin Aaron Degenhart KaosPilots

  • the dance facilitator

Janos Grimm  Germany,

Dance is an open space, a laboratory of creativity

invite yourself to play

with everything coming and going, staying and changing
ideas, feelings, fears or visions - they will show themselves embodied in your

inspired movements

your body will become a storyteller
travel with him in your own freedoms

shape your own rites

create your own dances
be prepared to be surprised

maybe dance is like a shamanic supervision
maybe like a trance-journey
maybe your dance carries you through webs of the knowing field
maybe it offers you a connection to your intuition
as a wild prayer
however, dancing is opened to be moved